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    Dr Kashyap Patel is a renowned oncologist in the US who works with terminally ill cancer patients. Through him, we meet Harry, who, after a life full of adventure, is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. As he stares death in the face, Harry leans on Dr Patel, an expert in understanding the process of death and dying. His questions and fears are addressed through the stories of many other patients that Dr Patel has treated-from the young and vivacious to those who had already lived full lives, from patients who could barely afford their rent to those who had been wildly successful. What ties these stories together is the single thread of the lessons Harry learns along the way, lessons that ultimately enable him to plan his own exit from the world gracefully-dying without fear.

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  • Al Qaeda Connection, The

    India’s biggest sports stars share their secrets for finding greatness

    From Anju Bobby George’s unexpected gold medal at the World Athletics Final in Monaco to Abhinav Bindra’s Olympic gold in Beijing, India’s sportspersons have constantly proved that they stand shoulder to shoulder with the world’s best. However, as easy as they might make it look, their success is the result of years of struggle, focused training and relentless hard work to overcome several challenges.
    Dear Me is a collection of letters from some of the most-celebrated names in sports-Milkha Singh, Vishwanathan Anand, Bhaichung Bhutia and many more-who write to their younger selves and remember the moments that changed their lives. An uplifting reminder that dreams do come true, this book allows you to be inspired by their extraordinary stories.

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    Is my baby not well?

    When can I introduce my baby to solid foods?

    Becoming a new mother can be an exciting yet overwhelming time. No matter how prepared you are, there will always be many confusing moments, opinions and a whole lot of drama! And just like any other new mom, Esha Deol Takhtani was faced with many such questions soon after the birth of her two daughters-Radhya and Miraya.
    One day, when one of her baby girls was throwing a tantrum, Esha decided to come up with a plan, one that would ensure her child eats right and is happy in the process! And thus began her adventures in motherhood. With the help of her cook, nurse and some of the best paediatricians in Mumbai, she set off on a journey to document her experiences in motherhood in the hope that it would help other mothers too.
    Packed with advice, tips, stories and easy and delicious recipes for toddlers, Amma Mia reflects the personal journey of one woman’s transformation into a mother. Informative and easy to follow, this book will help new mothers navigate the ups and downs of raising a healthy toddler and make their child fall in love with food.

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  • Sri Lanka and the Defeat of the LTTE

    Death is a taboo in most societies in the world. But what if we have got this completely wrong? What if death was not the catastrophe it is made out to be but an essential aspect of life, rife with spiritual possibilities for transcendence? For the first time, someone is saying just that.

    In this unique treatise-like exposition, Sadhguru dwells extensively upon his inner experience as he expounds on the more profound aspects of death that are rarely spoken about. From a practical standpoint, he elaborates on what preparations one can make for one’s death, how best we can assist someone who is dying and how we can continue to support their journey even after death.

    Whether a believer or not, a devotee or an agnostic, an accomplished seeker or a simpleton, this is truly a book for all those who shall die!

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  • Hanging of Afzal Guru & the Strange Case of the Attack on the Indian Parliament

    On an average, eleven hours a day for the rest of your life, you’ll either be working or travelling to your workplace. Now imagine being stuck in the wrong job! A study says that 80 per cent of Indians are unhappy with their jobs. Then how can we find a job that makes us happy? Is there a formula we can use to find our dream job?
    Here is the answer!
    Go on a journey with national bestselling author Chandan Deshmukh as he guides you through the various opportunities, challenges and turning points of any career. Learn about human personalities and how they’re suited for certain jobs; how to turn your ‘side hustle’ into opportune ventures and, most of all, how to find a job in which you’ll be happy.

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  • War Journey: Diary of a Tamil Tiger

    Part of India’s World Cup-winning squad and the team that took India to its No. 1 Test ranking, Sachin Tendulkar has blazed his way through the cricketing world for more than two decades, tearing through matches and records alike. The highest run-getter in both Tests and ODIs in the history of the game, he has also reached what is a truly fabulous milestone-one hundred international centuries.
    Sachin: Cricketer of the Century takes the reader on a journey from stellar innings to stellar innings, surveying the batting genius,s brilliant career through the eyes of a pantheon of people who are legends in their own right-from Adam Gilchrist, Matthew Hayden, Nasser Hussain and Courtney Walsh to Waqar Younis, Sanath Jayasuriya, Kapil Dev, Sourav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid.
    This is the ultimate tribute to the greatest batsman the modern era has seen.

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  • 26/11: The Attack on Mumbai

    How eleven men from the margins changed the way cricket is played and perceived beyond the metros. This is the story of a unique XI made up of cricketers–among them, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Virender Sehwag, Harbhajan Singh, Suresh Raina, Munaf Patel and S. Sreesanth–who made the leap from the hinterland to centre stage. Difficult as it is to become a top-flight cricketer in India, it is doubly so for those growing up in small towns and villages. Yet there have been inspiring exceptions who have not let place names such as Azamgarh, Davangere, Ikhar, Jalandhar, Jamnagar, Kakur, Meerut, Muradnagar, Naichanpur, Najafgarh and Ranchi deter them from realizing their ambitions. These men have made the transition from rice fields and akharas to hallowed sports grounds, from abject poverty and menial jobs to IPL riches, from tennis balls and rough-hewn bats to shiny, red leather balls and sponsored cricket bats. A combination of a supportive family, a determined coach, talent and sheer hard work did the trick for them. Without this mix, the gentleman’s game would have lost these gifted players to farming, a job in Africa or driving a truck in Canada. India is fortunate to have this ‘team’ of small-town cricket heroes.

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  • Despatches from Kargil

    The deafening noise in the Wankhede turns to silence so complete that you’d swear you can hear Tendulkar’s footsteps as he begins the walk back to the pavilion.

    It’s the end of an era, they said. No more switching off televisions when he got out; no more resounding chants of ‘Sa-chi-i-i-n, Sa-chin!’ In November 2013, Sachin Tendulkar played his final Test.

    Dilip D’Souza builds on close and detailed observation of those two and a half days, capturing all the hysteria it spawned, the love and adulation that showered from the rafters at the Wankhede, the choking emotion, and yes, there was a match on too, against the West Indies. Final Test discusses cricket from the old to the new, as Sachin takes to the pitch one final time.

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  • Black Friday: The True Story of the Bombay Bomb Blasts

    “If one were to do a nationwide poll of Indians born after Independence and ask which is the one date they remember the most, the answer may well be 25 June, 1983, the date on which India won the cricket World Cup. It is Often said that cricket in India is a like a religion; nothing could be more misleading. Religion has scarred the nation more deeply than anything else. Cricket is the balm that heals.
    In our collective consciousness, there is nothing quite like cricket. As the most visible expression of national identity, as an obsession or a dream, cricket is the only thing that possibly unites a country as diverse and as contradiction-ridden as India.
    In this brilliant book, Soumya Bhattacharya shows how we have made this game our own, given it our own colour, our own customs, our own codes. And how cricket in turn has come to permeate every aspect of our public life, from popular culture to politics–so that, when a game is on, the rest o life happens strictly between overs.
    In the end, All that you can’t leave Behind is as much about India as it is about cricket. ”

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  • This Divided Island: Stories from the Sri Lankan War

    In 2004 the Indian cricket team headed to Pakistan to play a historic series. Accompanying them was young cricket reporter Rahul Bhattacharya. The mood was tense, with political provocations and security fears. But as the archrivals met on the field, a rare spirit of bonhomie spread throughout the tour. And in streets and homes in Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Multan, the author had many warm human encounters that made the tour unforgettable. This book vividly brings alive the magic of cricket, even as it chronicles an emotional and hopeful time, witnessed by a young Indian discovering Pakistan.

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    You can’t have a happy family unless you’re happy yourself. Raageshwari Loomba, an award-winning speaker on mindfulness, shows us how to create an excellent atmosphere for the entire family to thrive in. Her relateable style is coupled with real-life examples, such as that of Albert Einstein, who couldn’t speak till the age of four and was a poor student. His parents encouraged him with love and allowed him to learn at his own pace. This, she shows, is the way to bring up your own little genius.
    Building a Happy Family brings to you 11 simple mindfulness philosophies that will enrich and strengthen your and your children’s inner world. Through scientific research and her own intimate story of heartbreak and facial paralysis, Raageshwari emphasises how our thoughts can manifest further struggles or glory, and how teaching children early that our inner world attracts our outer world is key. Parents are taught to encourage their children’s original expressions, creativity and joy, and not lose sight of it in their own lives too. This is the secret to a happy family.

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    The universe has bestowed limitless and infinite powers on the human consciousness. Along with being effective and successful in our personal and professional spheres, we must realize that the purpose of human life is to ensure the blossoming of our consciousness. In Celebrating Life, Rishi Nityapragya offers the secret to being the best self you can be. This book will give you an in-depth understanding of, and practical techniques for experiencing, transformative changes-from negative to neutral, and from neutral to positive-by helping you identify negative emotions and showing you ways to free yourself from them. It will also help you learn to experience and relish the beautiful flavours of life, like enthusiasm, love, compassion and truth, whenever and wherever you want.
    Celebrating Life is an intensely honest exploration of how to be the master of circumstances and how to make life a celebration.

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  • Way of the Knife, The

    Brett Lee is one of cricket’s most prolific personalities. Recipient of the prestigious Allan Border Medal and a former Test Player of the Year—the blond speedster has amassed over 300 test wickets, and continues to add more feathers to his cap. Tearing in at over 160 kilometres an hour, ‘Binga’ has dented many a helmet and inspired fear in the best batsmen.

    My Life is his story—honest, engaging, and laced with charming wit. The book takes you inside the dressing room and sheds light on the highs and lows of the game—the pride of possessing a baggy green, the camaraderie between the boys, superstardom, and the inevitable controversies. It provides a glimpse into the life of one of Australia’s most successful fast bowlers and his love for music, fashion, and above all India.

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