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  • Kaizen

    Perfect for fans of Ikigai and Marie Kondo, Kaizen is the step-by-step Japanese way to bring positive changes into your life.

    ‘This beautiful, simple book suggests tiny changes we can make to improve all areas of life, from friendships to a cluttered flat. Unlike a lot of self-improvement guides . . . reading it made me feel calmer and at the same time motivated to sort out my cupboards and call my auntie; small tweaks maybe, but these things can make the difference between a good day and a bad one.’ Marianne Power, author of Help Me!

    A gorgeously illustrated introduction to the Japanese method of Kaizen – meaning ‘change’ ‘good’ – showing you how to make small, step-by-step changes to transform your life.

    From Marie Kondo to Hygge to Ikigai, in recent years, philosophies to help people live better lives have taken the world by storm. Kaizen will change your habits for good.

    This beautifully colour illustrated and photographed book offers a way to build good habits and remove bad ones, without being too hard on yourself along the way. The focus is on having patience, shaping solutions for yourself rather than following others and not giving up when things aren’t working. Rather than being critical of your faults, the emphasis is on mindful, positive change. Well-known in the business and sports worlds as a method for mapping incremental goals, Kaizen is also a wonderful tool for slowly improving aspects of your life, without feeling daunted or overwhelmed by the challenge.

    Kaizen by Sarah Harvey brings you a personalized and flexible approach to change that you can apply to any area of your life (whether it is health, relationships, money, career, habits, new hobbies or general wellbeing). You can adapt it to suit working style, preferences and personality. Every person’s experience of Kaizen will be different, which is what makes it such an effective tool for positive change.

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  • The Rules of People

    ****The Rules of People has been officially shortlisted in the ‘Self Development’ category for The Business Book Awards 2018, as announced on 17th January 2018.****


    We all know someone who is a natural ‘people person’. They seem to understand what people really want, what they really think and what they really mean. They can effortlessly get people onside, and keep them happy and motivated.

    Is there something they know that the rest of us don’t? Is it something we can all learn? The answer is a resounding yes. They know The Rules of People.

    These Rules are the guiding principles that show you how to connect with strangers, build strong relationships with friends and colleagues, and even get the best out of difficult people. They will help you say the right thing, do the right thing, and know instinctively how to handle every situation. You’ll have relaxed, easy relationships and you’ll be that person who gets on with everyone.

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  • 52 Red Pills: A New-Age Playbook to Become Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

    An Indian corporate couple’s hyper-learning journey of combining ancient wisdom and modern research.

    What happens when a corporate couple decides to bring their minds and efforts together to share their hyper-learning journey with the world? They embark on a magnificent adventure to distil ideas around leading more productive and healthier lives. This journey – which started as a couple’s conversation on New Years’ Eve of 2018 – turned into a national phenomenon that led Eika and Siddharth Banerjee to meet diverse experts and specialists from the fields of science, art, sports, medicine, and ancient wisdom.

    Eika and Siddharth’s 52RedPills is an inspiration to readers who have overscheduled and frenzied lifestyles. Written as a practical guide, this book helps you introspect and makes you eager to know more about the different walks of life. By the end of it, you will be motivated to craft your own ‘52RedPills’ journey towards a healthier, wealthier and wiser you.

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  • Make the Right Choice

    Do you realize that you make 600 to 3,000 choices in a day? From the moment you wake up to the time you go back to sleep, you are always making a choice! So you have the choice to choose well for yourself.

    Make the Right Choice is one of Reverend Dada J. P. Vaswani’s many practical guides to a happy and contented life. It is based on one of his inspiring talks he delivered on his ninety-ninth birthday at the Sadhu Vaswani Mission Centre, which makes this book special. It is also one of the last few books that Dada Vaswani had written before his sudden demise on 12 July 2018.

    A modern, practical and insightful read, Make the Right Choice is the author’s personal guide to managing our choices in life.

    Giving seven positive affirmations to follow, Dada Vaswani inspires us to be intuitive, courageous, kind and forgiving. Once we start showing strong affection towards ourselves, we are then no longer clouded with wrong choices. The path becomes clearer.

    ‘You can choose to be what you wish to be!’

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  • My Life I Decide


    Are you someone who cannot be spontaneous? Or someone who is scared to take charge in life and move on to greater things? Or someone who feels awkward when facing an audience? My Life I Decide by mind-shift coach, Rinku Sawhney, is a how-to guide that enthuses you to have unflinching courage, be optimistic and self-reliant.

    With some refreshingly innovative exercises and life-changing stories, this quick read not only helps you identify your self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviours that become roadblocks in the trajectory of your life but also shares simple and effective techniques which help you engage in a deep self-exploration and create excellence in both your personal and professional lives.

    Through nineteen thought-provoking ideas this book empowers you to find your best possible self and live an extraordinary life.

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    A celebration of women and the female spirit — the second book in Osho’s Foundations of a New Humanity series
    “The woman should search into her own soul for her own potential and develop it, and she will have a beautiful future.” –Osho In The Book of Women, Osho explores the role of women in our society. Up until now, he says, both religious institutions and politics have remained male-dominated — not only male-dominated but male-chauvinistic. This has created so many of the crises that we see in the world now, brought about by excesses of ambition, competitiveness, and greed. In these pages, Osho challenges readers to reclaim and assert the feminine qualities of love, joy, and celebration to bring a reunion of the intellect and the heart, that is so desperately needed now.

    Osho looks to the female spirit in all of us as a way to nurture the soul and cultivate a healthy relationship with spirituality.

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    The international bestseller which has helped millions recover their creativity reissued in a beautiful new edition.

    The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron provides a twelve-week course that guides you through the process of recovering your creative self. It aims to dispel the ‘I’m not talented enough’ conditioning that holds many people back and helps you to unleash your own inner artist. Its step-by-step approach enables you to transform your life, overcome any artistic blocks you may suffer from, including limiting beliefs, fear, sabotage, jealousy and guilt, and replace them with self confidence and productivity. The Artist’s Way will demystify the creative process by making it a part of your daily life.

    From Alicia Keys to Elizabeth Gilbert, Patricia Cornwell to Pete Townshend and Russell Brand, The Artist’s Way has helped thousands of people around the world to discover their inner artist. Whatever your artistic leanings, this book will give you the tools you need to enable you to fulfil your dreams.

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  • The Rules of Love, 3e

    Strong, loving relationships are what life is all about. And some people are really good at them. They find a partner who makes them happy and they know instinctively how to handle tricky times while keeping things fresh and rewarding. They have partnerships that stand the test of time and they make it look effortless. Is there something these people know that we don’t? Is it something we can all benefit from? The answer is a resounding yes. They know the Rules of love.These Rules are the guiding principles that will help you form strong and enduring relationships, and support you when things aren’t going the way that you wanted them to. In this new edition, Richard Templar has added 10 brand new Rules to help make your relationships even more rewarding. You’ll feel the benefits, and so will everybody around you.

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  • One Simple Thing


    Yoga was created as a science for liberation, but in modern times it is used by many to improve physical and mental health, helping us become more productive at work, more caring in relationships, more responsible contributors to society, and better inhabitants of this planet. How does yoga accomplish all that?

    Believe it or not, the answers lie in how the human body and mind function. Eddie Stern’s One Simple Thing explains from both a yogic and a scientific perspective how the human nervous system is wired. It describes the mechanics taking place beneath the surface of our bodies and shows how we can consciously use yogic practices to direct and change our lives in positive ways.

    Drawing on modern neuroscience, ancient wisdom, and decades of practice and teaching, Eddie Stern reveals how what we do – from diet to chanting, from postures to meditation, from ethical practices to breathing techniques – affects who we become, and how a steady routine of activities and attitudes can transform our bodies, our brain functions, our emotions, and our experience of life.

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    Profoundly insightful and helpful book on the power of habit and how to change your habits for a lifetime

    ‘Wendy Wood is the world’s foremost expert in the field, and this book is essential.’ Angela Duckworth, bestselling author of Grit

    A landmark, myth-busting, book about how we form habits, and what we can do with this knowledge to make positive change by Prof Wendy Wood, the leading authority on the science of habits.

    We spend a shocking 43 percent of our day doing things without thinking about them. That means that almost half of our actions aren’t conscious choices but the result of our non-conscious mind nudging our body to act along learned behaviors. How we respond to the people around us; the way we conduct ourselves in a meeting; what we buy; when and how we exercise, eat, and drink?a truly remarkable number of things we do every day, regardless of their complexity, operate outside of our awareness. We do them automatically. We do them by habit. And yet, whenever we want to change something about ourselves, we rely on willpower. We keep turning to our conscious selves, hoping that our determination and intention will be enough to effect positive change. And that is why almost all of us fail. But what if you could harness the extraordinary power of your unconscious mind, which already determines so much of what you do, to truly reach your goals?

    Wendy Wood draws on three decades of original research to explain the fascinating science of how we form habits, and offers the key to unlocking our habitual mind in order to make the changes we seek. A potent mix of neuroscience, case studies, and experiments conducted in her lab, Good Habits, Bad Habits is a comprehensive, accessible, and above all deeply practical book that will change the way you think about almost every aspect of your life. By explaining how our brains are wired to respond to rewards, receive cues from our surroundings, and shut down when faced with too much friction, Wood skillfully dissects habit formation, demonstrating how we can take advantage of this knowledge to form better habits. Her clear and incisive work shows why willpower alone is woefully inadequate when we’re working toward building the life we truly want, and offers real hope for those who want to make positive change.

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  • The Rules to Break, 3e

    The rules to break exposes the most common phoney rules, explains what’s wrong with them and then offers a refreshing alternative and a new way of thinking. In this new edition of the worldwide bestseller, Richard Templar has added 10 brand new rules to help you master the ability to truly think for yourself.
    Rule 1 No man is an island
    Rule 2 Two wrongs don’t make a right
    Rule 3 When in Rome, do as the Romans
    Rule 4 Don’t judge a book by its cover
    Rule 5 For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction
    Rule 6 There’s no such thing as a free lunch
    Rule 7 Do as you would be done by
    Rule 8 The pen is mightier than the sword
    Rule 9 Keep dry and away from children
    Rule 10 Give it time

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  • The Rules of Parenting, 3e

    The rules of parenting are the golden principles that will guide you smoothly through the everyday challenges of raising children. In this new edition, Richard Templar has added 10 new rules to help you bring your whole family – across all the generations – even closer together.
    Rules about your parents
    1. Don’t put them on a pedestal
    2. Let them be grandparents
    3. Don’t ask too much of them
    4. Don’t guilt-trip them – even by mistake
    5. Learn to share
    6. They’re new to this too
    7. Understand that they don’t come from the same place as you
    8. Any grandparent is better than no grandparent
    9. Don’t bad-mouth them in front of the kids
    10. They love you just like you love your kids

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  • The Rules of Work, 4e

    The rules of work is an eye-opener for all those who would like to rise to the top, but don’t seem to be able to find the map.’
    Sir Antony Jay, author of Yes Minister and Yes, Prime Minster and founder of video arts
    For some people, work is a breeze. They glide effortlessly onwards and upwards, always saying and doing the right thing, getting paid more, getting promotions, getting results.
    These rules are the guiding principles that will improve what you do and how you do it. They will give you the unmistakable air of confidence that will win you admiration, respect and help you towards your next promotion. In this new edition of the international bestseller, Richard Templar has added 10 new rules to help you get heard, noticed, acknowledged and followed.

    Features the Rules of power
    1. Knowledge is power
    2. Be able to walk away
    3. Know who you’re dealing with
    4. Be authoritative
    5. Be likeable
    6. Know who you are
    7. Be great at your job
    8. Get people on your side
    9. Be controlled
    10. Don’t give it away

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    An engaging and spiritual 11th volume in the hugely successful and now newly redesigned Insights for a New Way of Living series.
    In Trust, the eleventh volume in the Insights for a New Way of Living series, Osho helps readers re-evaluate the idea of trust. We live in times where trust in old institutions and their relevance to our lives have evaporated. Religions, ideologies, political systems, morals, family, marriages—none of these traditional institutions are working anymore. Osho’s insight is that the institutions of the past have used the false substitutes of “belief” and “faith” as control mechanisms of society. Whereas authentic trust comes from within, belief systems are imposed from the outside by religious and social institutions. Osho encourages readers to rediscover and reclaim the innate trust that is born with each individual. No more demands to trust in an “other.” No more faith and belief, with their demands that we drop all questioning and doubt, but rather a willingness to honor our questions and doubts so fully that they will lead us to our unique, authentic, and individual truth.

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    Who said it could not be done? Napoleon Hill

    Napoleon Hill, the celebrated author of the bestselling classic Think and Grow Rich, is perhaps the most inspirational self-help writer of our time. First published over 90 years ago and read by millions since, The Law of Success – Napoleon Hill’s groundbreaking study of personal achievement – offers one of the clearest, most practical paths to power and success. In this abridged edition, over the course of 16 lucid lessons you will discover: * how to identify the weaknesses that block your success, * how millionaires use the law of the Master Mind to achieve a harmony of purpose and effort, * how to stimulate your imagination and spark new ideas, * how to analyse yourself, and more. This treatise by one of the greatest and most influential thinkers of the modern era – republished in collaboration with the Napoleon Hill Foundation – is as relevant today as it was when Hill first penned them decades ago.

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    Never mind what others didn’t do. It’s what you do that counts. Napoleon Hill Napoleon Hill, the celebrated author of the bestselling classic Think and Grow Rich, is perhaps the most inspirational self-help writer of our time. Each section in this book features sharp snippets of Hill’s wisdom, along with practical advice on actions you can take for success. You don’t have to read this from start to finish – simply choose one of ten topics, ranging from achievement to faith, and dive in to get inspirational insights on personal achievement and success. * Achievement * Adversity * Cooperation * Encouragement * Faith * Opportunity * Service * Success * Wisdom * Work. This compendium of thoughts from one of the greatest and most influential thinkers of the modern era – republished in collaboration with the Napoleon Hill Foundation – is as relevant today as it was when Hill first penned them decades ago.

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    ‘The ladder of success is never crowded at the top.’ Napoleon Hill

    Napoleon Hill, the celebrated author of the bestselling classic Think and Grow Rich, is perhaps the most inspirational self-help writer of our time. In this collection of his columns – as well as articles on him and his work by others – you will find a doorway to both Hill’s many lessons and the man of success himself. Here are deep insights on: * developing one’s personality, * mental strength, * wisdom in showmanship, * self-discipline, * how to tap into the hidden powers of the mind, and more. This compilation of concepts from one of the greatest and most influential thinkers of the modern era – republished in collaboration with the Napoleon Hill Foundation – is as relevant today as it was when Hill first penned them decades ago.

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    Will you do my eulogy?
    With those words, Mitch Albom begins his long-awaited return to non-fiction. His journey to honour the last request of a beloved clergyman ultimately leads him to rekindle his own long-ignored faith.
    Albom spends years exploring churches and synagogues, the suburbs and the city, the “us” versus “them” of religion.
    Slowly, he gravitates to an inner-city pastor of a crumbling church that houses the homeless, and is stunned at how similar belief can be. As his own beloved cleric slowly lets go, Albom writes his final farewell, having learned that a faithful heart comes in many forms and places.

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  • Feisty at Fifty

    Candid, fun … an upbeat take on hitting the big five-oh’ SHOBHAA DÉ
    If you ever thought that women in their fifties must lead dull, boring lives, Sudha Menon is here to bust your myths and show you that life indeed begins at fifty.
    Join this wise and witty fifty-something in pursuing middle-aged sexiness, nailing the work-life balance, taking on the FOMO, celebrating mid-life discoveries and generally feeling great about ourselves.
    Hilarious yet poignant, Feisty at Fifty is both a moving personal story and the ultimate guide to making the fifties the most fabulous decade of your life yet.

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