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    It’s time to retrain your brain! In this go-to guide for teens four anxiety experts offer tangible tips and tools
    you can use every day to rewire your anxious brain; manage fears stress and worry; and get back to living
    your life.

    When you’re feeling anxious it can seem like the whole world is crashing in around you. Your heart starts racing your
    thoughts feel jumbled and you may feel like something terrible is going to happen or worse. You aren’t alone. In fact
    millions of teens experience anxiety. The good news is that there are proven-effective tools you can use now to take
    control of your anxiety so you can focus on the stuff you love. This book will guide the way. Drawing on powerful cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) neuroscience mindfulness and acceptance commitment therapy (ACT) this book will show you the ten most effective methods for “rewiring” your anxious brain. You’ll learn:

    ·How to calmly observe your anxiety
    ·What feeds your anxiety and how you can “starve” it instead
    ·Guided meditations for overcoming anxious thoughts
    ·Strategies to help you balance your emotions when fears and worries show up
    ·How to deal with uncertainty perfectionism and procrastination

    Most importantly you’ll learn that you are stronger than your anxiety and you have the power to take control of your
    fears. Let’s face it-being a teen today is stressful and sometimes scary but if you’re ready to put anxiety in its place and start focusing on the things that matter to you the most this much-needed guide can help get you started.


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    For women who’ve learned to be their own worst enemies this in-your-face guide offers powerful tools to
    break free from the cultural messages that feed negative body image and stand in the way of becoming your
    most authentic and radiant self.

    Have you ever wondered what you could accomplish with the time you spend worrying about your body or appearance? In a society overwhelmed with messages of how women should be and appear it’s easy to internalize these ideas and become our own harshest critics. It’s time for a change. It’s time to stop squashing ourselves into painfully tight “should-be” boxes and celebrate our bodies for what they are-divine tools to reach our highest aspirations and experience the full fabulousness of life.

    In this book you’ll find a practical program for healing body image dissatisfaction using a unique blend of wisdom-from yoga to Buddhism and Taoism to shamanism and more. Weaving the author’s own experiences with tools for putting lessons into action this empowering book will help you examine your own thoughts and feelings about your body and learn how they affect the way you relate in and to the world. With this unflinchingly direct and honest book you’ll learn to release years of negative conditioning to see yourself as the fiercely authentic woman you really are. So stop wasting time and energy hating your body and start moving toward a life that celebrates your body’s unique strengths and capabilities for experiencing health happiness and true radiance.


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    Sue Stone’s life hit rock bottom in the late 1990s, both emotionally and financially. She was desperately unhappy and on the verge of losing everything. Not accepting that this was going to be ‘it’, she set about researching ways to improve her life.
    She learnt about the incredible power of our thoughts, our subconscious mind and the astonishing power of our feelings. This power is within every single one of us but so few have any real understanding of it.
    Sue has transformed her life to one of complete happiness, inner peace and financial abundance, a far cry from her state of depression.
    In this inspiring, easy to read and practical book, Sue educates, empowers and motivates the reader by sharing all that she has learnt. She includes solid content and practical life transforming techniques that can be put to use immediately at home and at work and contains inspiring advice for anyone facing difficult times, including relationship breakdown and insolvency.

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    Use eye-grabbing diagrams to help you to discover the human body in glorious technicolour!

    With colourful diagrams and amazing facts The Senses takes a vibrant look at how the body interprets the world around us.

    This colourful and fact-packed series provides an accessible look at the human body through bright and bold graphics. With spread-filling diagrams a colour-blocking approach and simple text and captions The Bright and Bold Human Body presents the incredible scale and complexity of the human body in small digestible chunks. As well as this surprising statistics and close-up photos allow children age 9+ to gain an insight into the wonders of our bright and bold bodies.


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    In the last few decades many psychologists have encouraged the view that constantly analysing and expressing our emotions is a good thing. Dr Susan Nolen-Hoeksema challenges this assumption in her breakthrough new book on conquering negative thinking. Encouraged by a fast-paced, self analytical culture, women often spend countless hours dwelling on negative ideas, feelings and experiences. Dr Nolen-Hoeksema calls this ‘overthinking’ and her groundbreaking research shows that an increasing number of women are doing this too much and too often, hindering their ability to effectively deal with problems and lead a satisfying life. Discover

    What ‘overthinking’ is and what causes it

    Why women are particularly prone to negative thinking

    Techniques for overcoming overthinking and finding real solutions to problems

    Problem areas which cause us to think negatively – and what to do about them

    Clearly and engagingly written, and packed with case studies and examples, Women Who Think Too Much will change lives and is destined to become a self-help classic.

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    The ONE Thing is the new sensation that is sweeping in from across the Atlantic. In the US, it has been number 1 bestseller on Amazon.com, number 2 in its category on the NewYork Times bestseller lists, and number 3 in non-fiction on the Wall Street Journal bestseller lists.>

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