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    Presenting, for the first time ever, the whole truth about Indian advertising and nothing but the truth (with just a pinch of salt).

    For centuries, Indians have been asking all kinds of questions  about the meaning of life, our place in the cosmos, why we have so many gods, and other such vital things. In the last hundred-odd years, marketing and advertising has given us none of those answers. What it has given us, nonetheless, is life-altering stuff. It has attempted to make men Fair and Handsome. It has battled to make women 18 Again. And to both men and women it has given Tinder loving care.

    It has made us realize that we like pizza as much as the next Italian  as long as Dominos puts keema dopyaaza on it and tempts us with, ‘Hungry kya?’

    It has made us re-evaluate our life choices and ask thought-provoking questions like ‘Kitna deti hai?’ of our cars and ‘Kya aap Close-Up karte hain?’ of our toothpaste. In short, it has enriched our lives with quirky quips and clever (at times outrageous) turns of phrase, unforgettable mascots,
    all-out Battles of the Brands, eye-popping insights and lump-in-the-throat moments, while feeding our addiction to controversies and virtual worlds.

    In this must-read book, you’ll find unbusiness-like stories from Indian advertising through the ages – and everything you didn’t want to know about the hits, the misses, the also-rans and the banned.

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    Have you stopped getting your freak on and started getting your creak on?

    Do your hobbies now include ‘napping’ ‘relaxing’ and ‘having a quiet one’? Have you found you’ve more in common with your nan than your peers? It sounds like you’re OLD AF! Get out your fun slippers and sit back with this collection of hilarious quips and too-true quotes for the old at heart.

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    You know you’re having a senior moment when…

    … you need a pen and paper just to order a round of drinks.

    Getting old? Join the club! This upbeat collection of all-too-common mishaps sprinkled with quotes from wise old sages will have you nodding in agreement and chuckling at all your lovable foibles.

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    No playwright apart from Shakespeare is as widely quoted and Oscar Wilde’s needle-sharp rejoinders are often repeated with delight. However, his jibes were rarely cruel, and displayed a profound understanding of the human character and its vanities.

    Includes such notable quotes as:

    ‘Work is the curse of the drinking classes.’

    ‘All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does. That’s his.’ The Importance of Being Earnest

    ‘We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.’ Lady Windermere’s Fan

    With a timeline of his life and quotations divided by themes, this book demonstrates why, more than a hundred years after his death, people are still drawn to Wilde’s dazzling repartee and the wicked brilliance of his social observations.

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    Finally you’re a proper grown-up! But between the paunch and the mortgage you’re starting to wonder if this is what you really want. You need midlife crisis survival skills:

    • Stop calling it a midlife crisis and start calling it Teenagehood part 2.
    • Do go to the gym occasionally. Don’t train to join the Olympic weightlifting team.

    This mischievous little book will help you enjoy your second youth with tongue-in-cheek advice and cheeky illustrations. 

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    Lauded for her eloquence, observation and wry humour, Jane Austen was a novelist who was highly regarded and greatly celebrated in her own time.

    However, her appeal is as great as ever, and her insights remain as fresh and relevant today as when they were first published.

    This delightful volume offers thematic extracts from her fiction and correspondence, featuring quotes from such novels as Emma, Northanger Abbey, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park and Persuasion, alongside extracts from Austen’s letters to her sister and confidante, Cassandra.

    Containing a host of quotations displaying Austen’s sharp – indeed, often wicked – wit, this wonderful treasury will be enjoyed by fans of the author as well as readers who are new to her writing.

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    We’re not implying anything but…

    It’s time for a bit of no-nonsense advice in the form of some choice expletive-laden life lessons. This small but f*cking mighty tome is just the tonic to set you on the path to being an awesome human and will teach YOU how not to be a D*CK.

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    As seen on The Daily Show, an illustrated portrait of the Donald J. Trump Twitter account, with analysis and ‘scholarly’ commentary from the writers of The Daily Show and an introduction by Trevor Noah.

    In June 2017, just steps from Trump Tower in midtown Manhattan, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah opened The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library, a 4,000-square-foot museum space that gave the 45th president and his amazing Twitter legacy the respect they deserve. In the single weekend it was open to the public, the Library pop-up drew 7,500 visitors and had to turn away countless others.

    But the Presidential Twitter Library experience should not be limited to the elite coastal few. Not fair! All citizens, even the Mexican ones, should have the chance to see Donald Trump’s tweets in their rightful context – organized and commented on in the fearless, hilarious, insightful voice of The Daily Show .

    This one-of-a-kind exhibition catalogue presents the Library’s complete contents, including:

    The Masterpieces: In-depth critical appreciations of history’s most important Trump tweets, from ‘Very Stable Genius’ to ‘Covfefe’ to ‘Trump Tower Taco Bowl/I Love Hispanics!’
    The Greatest Battles: @realDonaldTrump’s brutal Twitter campaigns against fellow Republicans, Diet Coke, women generally, and Kristen Stewart specifically
    Sad! A Retrospective: a compendium of the many people, events and twists of fate that apparently made Donald Trump feel this human emotion
    Trumpstradamus: DJT’s amazing 140-character predictions-none of which came true!
    The Hall of Nicknames: the greatest of Trump’s monikers, from ‘Lyin’ Ted’ to ‘Low I.Q. Crazy Mika’, accompanied by original caricature artwork
    Trump vs. Trump: You’re going to want to sit for this one. Donald Trump has sometimes been known to contradict himself.
    Always the Best: the greatest boasts of the greatest boaster of all time, ever!

    Comprising hundreds of Trump tweets, and featuring a foreword by Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Jon Meacham, and even a place for readers to add their own future Trump tweet highlights – because he is making new Twitter history literally every day – The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library is a unique portrait of an artist whose masterworks will be studied by historians, grammarians, and mental health professionals for years to come.

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    The ancient art of doodling has been around for thousands of years. Depictions of wild beasts on cave walls funny little carvings on age-old artefacts – we’ve been at it a while. So what better way to celebrate this time-honoured tradition than by doodling while you dump? Fill a fish tank illustrate the alphabet envision outer space – whatever takes your creative fancy. Sit back relax and prepare to make your masterpiece.

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  • Chris has gained a loyal following due to his combination of boyband worthy good looks hilarious way with words heart-warming moments of emotional vulnerability his lovable bromance with fellow star Kem Cetinay (many called for the best friends to be crowned the winners rather than with their respective girlfriends) and his intense bond with pretend baby son Cash Hughes.

    This is his story of growing up on a farm in the country of suffering from anxiety and panic attacks of winning the hearts of the nation and finding love not just with a new girlfriend but a soul mate of a best friend. Chris’s story will be combined with his unique take on the world. Scarlett Moffatt’s Scarlett Says meets chart topping Charlotte Crosby meets lovable heartthrob Olly Murs.


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    For anyone whos longing for a break from the US of A, So You Want to Move to Canada, Eh? is a step-by-step guide on how to move to the best country in the world and how to fit in once youre there.
    Written by New York Times bestselling author (and born-and-bred Canuck) Jenn McCartney, this comprehensive guide offers everything you need to know about Americas northern neighbor. Inside, McCartney overviews Canadas history; demystifies its bewildering residency rules; introduces its unique laws and customs; spotlights its many contributions to the arts and pop culture (Celine Dion, Margaret Atwood, Justins Trudeau and Bieber); explains its colorful slang; and so much more.
    Featuring creative doodles, helpful charts, and fun graphs, So You Want to Move to Canada, Eh? is the perfect gift for your politically disgruntled father, nudge for your bleeding-heart neighbor to hit the road, and inspiration for planning (or daydreaming about) your own Canadian getaway.

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    For most of her life (and even during her years as the host of a popular radio show), Courtenay Hameister lived in a state of near-constant dread and anxiety. She fretted abouteverything. Her age. Her size. Her romantic prospects. How likely it was that she would get hit by a bus on the way home. Refreshing, relatable, and pee-your-pants funny, Okay Fine Whatever is Courtenays hold-nothing-back account of her adventures on the front lines of Mere Human Woman vs. Fear, reminding us that even the tiniest amount of bravery is still bravery, and that no matter who you are, its possible to fight complacency and become bold, or at least bold-ish, a little at a time.

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    When Jo Brand hosted Have I Got News For You late last year, her calm explanation of the effects of sexism on women to a bemused all-male cast turned into a viral phenomenon.

    There has been a whole tradition of books over hundreds of years where a father shares his wisdom with his son – started by Lord Chesterfield in the eighteenth century; while women have been silent (a.k.a. bullied into thinking their advice wasn’t worth writing down). This book puts a stop to all that.

    Ranging from your family and how to survive it, to what no one tells you about the female body; from how not to fall in love, to heckling as a life-skill. Born Lippy gathers together the things Jo’s learnt about the world, the things she wishes she’d known and the things she hopes for the future into a hilarious and highly useful guide to life that everyone female (and male) needs to read immediately.

    Packed with memorable anecdotes from her life and career, coloured by her experiences as a psychiatric nurse and working mother of two, this book will not only entertain but also really help people.

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    Bill Bailey’s wonderfully charming and informative book on the birds he loves is now available as a handy, easy-to-carry pocket paperback. Packed with the comedian’s observations, illustrations and sketches, this edition is perfect for birdwatching expeditions, with new information for proper twitchers, including:
    A ‘British Birds’ checklist
    A list of the best birdwatching sites in the UK
    Suggestions of bird spotting equipment
    Information about joining a birdwatching club
    Bailey takes us on a journey around the British Isles, zooming in on those birds that enthuse him the most.
    Whether it’s what they eat, where they fly to or how they communicate, these birds are always fascinating, and he introduces us to their weird and wonderful ways in a manner that is always entertaining. If you’re a parent who’d like to appear a bit clever when your child asks you the name of a bird; if you want to find a new and healthy hobby that takes you outdoors; or whether, quite simply, you want to understand a bit more about our natural environment and have a laugh at the same time, this is the companion book to have.
    Funny and insightful, and positively crackling with energy, knowledge and wit, this beautiful paperback will delight Bailey’s fans, birds as well as those who fancy a bit of armchair escapism.
    Alongside music and stand-up, one of Bailey’s favourite pastimes is birdwatching, which he has been doing since he was a child in the West Country. His fondest memories are of family outings with parents, grandparents and cousins, ticking the birds off in his little Observer’s Book of Birds. As he has said about those formative years, ‘birdwatching gave a purpose to the day and a love of the natural world which has carried on into my adult life’.

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    Being given yet another pointless ‘man manual’ that told him fifty ways to tie a bow tie in under 30 seconds made James May certain there was a need for another kind of book. This book, in fact. He reckons there are nine vital things that a chap should be able to do. Not stuff you can download from the internet, but really important things. You never know ehn you might need to land an A330 Airbus, or deliver twins. And there may well be a moment when being able to play a bit of classical music on the piano is absolutely crucial to your success with women. So read, learn and be prepared – you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

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    This isn’t just a book for the mamas out there; this is for the papas too. Join The Pukkas on their journey through parenthood.

    PARENTING THE SH*T OUT OF LIFE integrates The Pukkas mutually shared, but sometimes very separate journeys, towards becoming a mother and father. From deciding to try for a baby to the harrowing realities of miscarrying and from splashdown and labour to bringing baby home – parents all over the country will cry at, laugh with and relate to the raw honesty and hilarious writing in this book, offering some light relief from the tumultuous parental storm.

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    I, Joe Lycett, comedian, wordsmith, and professional complainer, am here to help. During my short life of doing largely nothing I’ve discovered solutions to many of life’s problems, which I impart to you, dear Reader. Containing a centurion of complaint letters to unsuspecting celebrities, companies and anyone brave enough to clog up my phone, as well as illustrations, one-liners , jokes and life hacks, this little gem offers you a collection of tips and advice* for all manner of modern woe. By the time you have finished reading this book you will have learnt how to:

    – Reverse a parking fine
    – Manipulate the tabloid press
    – Navigate social media
    – Respond to hate mail
    – Out-weird internet trolls
    – Contest a so-called ripe avocado
    – Send the perfect Christmas newsletter
    – Defeat ISIS
    – Take down multi-national companies

    Joe Lycett x

    * If you are looking for guidance with taxes, quitting smoking, moving house, love, divorce, education, healthcare or anything actually important may I recommend speaking to friends or family members and not consulting a book by a comedian who eats halloumi at least twice a day.

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