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    Eat your way through Pooh Bear’s adventures one Honey-crunch Snack Bite at a time, nibble on delicious Scoop ‘n Drop Currant Scones while discovering lost treasures and secret passages with the Famous Five, or suck on tangy Tamarind Pops as you run through the bylanes of Malgudi with Swami.

    If you love to read and eat, Bookworms and Jellybellies is just the book for you. It is a joyride through some of children’s favourite books, with over 50 inspired recipes that can be easily whipped up in your own kitchens. It is packed with quirky introductions, simple recipe instructions, fun trivia and beautiful colour photographs that bring the featured dishes to life.

    In this fresh, imaginative take on books and cooks, Ruchira Ramanujam and Ranjini Rao, authors of Around the World with the Tadka Girls, give you recipes with their own dash of drama, adventure and plot twists – just like the books that inspire them.

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    · Over 120 authentic recipes that will help you prepare the most enviable meals

    · Tips on techniques, on making the best use of leftovers, with time-saver shortcuts

    · Suggested menus and exciting combinations

    · Exhaustive list of stores across 12 cities that stock every ingredient used in the recipes

    · Stunning photographs that will inspire you to add your signature style to the way you cook and present your food

    Be a master chef in your kitchen with Ritu Dalmia! From wok-fried variations of rice and noodles from the streets of Beijing and Bangkok to the very Caribbean jambalaya; the tastiest Swiss roesti to a quintessential Javanese chicken and coconut curry; wicked Austrian desserts to the melt-in-your-mouth American red velvet cake; crisp and light Filipino spring rolls to a special version of our very own Bhindi Bhojpuri. Not to mention cookies, dips and other munch-worthy tidbits that will change the way you snack. This handy cookbook will make your time in the kitchen the most fun, adventurous and delicious it’s ever been.

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    The perfect guide for professional chefs in training and aspiring amateurs, this fully illustrated, comprehensive step-by-step manual covers all aspects of preparing, cooking and serving delicious, high-end food.

    An authoritative, unique reference book, it covers 250 core techniques in extensive, ultra-clear step-by-step photographs. These techniques are then put into practice in 70 classic and contemporary recipes, designed by chefs. With over 1,800 photographs in total, this astonishing reference work is the essential culinary bible for any serious cook, professional or amateur.

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    Award-winning chef and restaurateur, and bestselling author, Ritu Dalmia adds zest, spice and luscious twists to all things vegetarian in yet another mouth-watering collection of recipes.

    Take your pick from a perfectly seasoned Green Mango and Banana Flower Salad or Mushroom Ceviche; a fun combination of Grilled Eggplant with Pepper and Sesame; spicy, tangy Spinach with Sambal; a wholesome Tomato and Goat Cheese Tart; or a comforting Papaya Curry or Carrot and Ginger Soup. For those who prefer something sweet, there are delectable desserts – from Apple Dumplings or a Pear Skillet Cake to Beetroot Souffle and Sweet Potato Cupcakes. And to add that special zing to any meal are a host of dips, sauces and condiments, and sure-fire suggestions for just the right accompaniments.

    Uncommon yet easy-to-prepare, inventive and exciting, the recipes in Diva Green will reacquaint you with vegetables in all their flavour, colour and goodness, and have you cooking up an enviable feast in no time.

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  • Sameen Rushdie's Indian Cookery

    A classic cookbook by renowned author Sameen Rushdie, brought back into print as part of a giftable series of timeless cookbooks with updated forwards and cover designs for the modern cook.
    With a new foreword by Salman Rushdie

    Drawing together the traditional recipes from different Indian cuisines, Sameen Rushdie’s invitation to share in the pleasures of Indian cookery is irresistible. Bearing the needs of the modern cook firmly in mind, Rushdie explains her recipes in full, where the dishes originate, how to use spices, how to balance flavor, color and texture and offers suggestions for menus.

    Rushdie offers a marvelous array of meat, poultry and fish dishes, together with vegetable creations which will give heart to cooks at the end of their vegetarian repertoire. She explains where to find fresh ingredients and how to store, prepare and use them, and makes it clear which recipes are most suitable for the end of a busy day. She takes up the cause of the potato with some sumptuous suggestions, describes the intrinsic part daals play in an Indian meal, gives tips for cooking chawal (rice) in pullao and biryani dishes and provides recipes for chapattis, parathas and pooris.

    Whatever your degree of experience in the kitchen, Sameen Rushdie offers not only clearly laid-out recipes, but a grasp of the actual thinking behind different cooking methods. Her menu plans and ideas about color, textures and flavors are a delight, and a meal prepared under engaging instruction will be a revelation to all who enjoy Indian cookery.

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    The Famous Five were a clever lot: every island adventure and countryside romp began with a hearty breakfast, was interspersed with rollicking good picnics and ended with supper at Aunt Fanny’s – all washed down with lashings of ginger beer. Now you can revisit Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy’s favourite food and drink with these 80 recipes faithful to the books, accompanied by familiar illustrations and quotes from the stories.

    – Chapter One: A Jolly Good Breakfast – e.g. fried bread and sausage sandwiches
    – Chapter Two: Perfect Picnics – e.g. sausage rolls, scotch eggs, jammy buns and drop scones
    – Chapter Three: Scrumptious Suppers – e.g. meat pie, chicken stew, milk pudding and marmalade apple pie
    – Chapter Four: Cracking Cakes and Tasty Treats – e.g. sticky gingerbread and mint humbugs
    – Chapter Five: Lashings of Delicious Drinks – e.g. orangeade and ginger beer

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    Award-winning chef and restaurateur, and bestselling author, Ritu Dalmia adds zest, spice and luscious twists to all things vegetarian in yet another mouth-watering collection of recipes.
    Take your pick from a perfectly seasoned Green Mango and Banana Flower Salad or Mushroom Ceviche; a fun combination of Grilled Eggplant with Pepper and Sesame; spicy, tangy Spinach with Sambal; a wholesome Tomato and Goat Cheese Tart; or a comforting Papaya Curry or Carrot and Ginger Soup. For those who prefer something sweet, there are delectable desserts – from Apple Dumplings or a Pear Skillet Cake to Beetroot Soufflé and Sweet Potato Cupcakes. And to add that special zing to any meal are a host of dips, sauces and condiments, and sure-fire suggestions for just the right accompaniments.
    Uncommon yet easy-to-prepare, inventive and exciting, the recipes in Diva Green will reacquaint you with vegetables in all their flavour, colour and goodness, and have you cooking up an enviable feast in no time.

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    Who says healthy, nutritious meals can’t be mouth-wateringly delicious?

    In over 80 scrumptious recipes, Pooja Dhingra, India’s macaron queen, award-winning chef and popular restaurateur, shows us how to reinvent everyday ingredients to cook hearty meals and luscious desserts that can be consumed with all the pleasure and none of the associated guilt.

    Based on the nutrition philosophy Pooja herself adopted to simplify her long-term battle against weight issues – and accompanied by expert advice from nutritionist Viddhi Dhingra – the delightful treats in this book will inspire you to transform the way you cook and eat. Whether you’re in need of an energizing start to the day or a pep-up late in the afternoon, a refreshing lunch or an indulgent (but sugarless and eggless) dessert, this book has the perfect mix for you.

    Complete with invaluable advice on how to alter deeply ingrained dietary habits, calorie-counting versus real nutrition and alternatives for those who need to avoid specific ingredients, A Wholesome Kitchen is your ticket to getting your health back on track in the most delectable way.

    Featuring! Recipes from Sonam Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Parineeti Chopra, Shraddha Kapoor, Rahul Khanna, Kelvin Cheung, Karishma Dalal and Pablo Naranjo Agular, among others.

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    ‘With this book, Nandita serves up her repertoire through easy-to-follow and source recipes that will certainly add much-needed oomph to your tables and lifestyles.’


    Cooking healthy meals can be creative, easy and downright fun!

    In The Everyday Healthy Vegetarian, Dr Nandita Iyer, trained nutritionist and self-taught celebrity chef, provides a fantastic combination of myth-busting nutritional advice and simple, fuss-free vegetarian recipes using everyday ingredients from the Indian kitchen.

    In over 100 delectable recipes spread across four sections, she guides you through interesting ways of preparing the same old vegetables and fruits, while upping the protein content of your diet, and ensuring you get your daily dose of energy-filled grains and brain-stimulating fats.

    This book comes complete with:

    • The low-down on the nutritional values of everyday superfoods and advice on how to incorporate them into your diet;
    • Diabetic-friendly meals, as well as vegan and gluten-free recipes;
    • Weekly meal plans featuring interesting combinations that balance your nutritional intake;
    • Tips on growing your own foods in your garden, terrace or balcony.

    Illustrated with gorgeous photographs of the food you’re about to prepare, this book will undoubtedly inspire you to opt for a healthier way of life.

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    “Larousse Gastronomique”, the world’s classic culinary reference book, is known worldwide for its authoritative and comprehensive collection of recipes. Originally created by Prosper Montagne and published in 1938, this essential addition to any kitchen has withstood the test of time and become an invaluable source of information for every enthusiastic cook and serious gastronome alike. Without the exaggeration and extravagant distractions of many of today’s cookery titles, “New Concise Larousse Gastronomique” contains recipes, tips, cooking styles and origins for almost every dish in history. Developments in appliances, nutrition and culinary knowledge are all included. Packed with fascinating tips, this concise edition remains faithful to Prosper Montagne’s original ideal: that a culinary panorama of the present day and a history of gastronomy could be created as a single work of reference.

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  • Heavenly Vegan Dals & Curries

    Incredible dishes that are the mainstay of Indian cooking are reinvented in amazing ways you need to try.
    With roots in India and global experiences from the U.S. to Holland, Rakhee Yadav, creator of Indian food blog Box of Spice, has kept culinary exploration at the heart of her travels. She shares her experiences through healthy, inventive, easy meals that fuse Indian cuisine with Dutch and American flavors, so anyone can bring a culinary tour to their table.

    Playing within the realm of curries and dals, Rakhee brings new twists on these traditional dishes by turning a meal on its head as with her Naan Tacos with Amarinth & Pea Koftas & Spicy Cilantro Avocado Chutney or by expertly infusing unexpected ingredients into well-known meals as she does in the Five Lentil Dal with Pumpkin, Raw Bananas & Eggplant. Home chefs new to Indian cooking will enjoy the pop of familiar flavors while exploring this cuisine. From Hot Plantain Curry with Sugar Snaps to Lentil Pizza with Vegetable Overload, there is something for everyone to enjoy and a gustatory exploration to be had. Beautifully dancing the line between familiar and adventurous, this book is sure to become a house favorite. This book will have 75 recipes and 75 photos.

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    With a foreword by the OBSERVER FOOD MONTHLY’s editor, Allan Jenkins, ZAIKA celebrates the very best of Indian vegan cooking. With over 100 innovative and exciting curries and side dishes, vegan recipes have never been so inviting.

    Inspired by her own heritage, Romy Gill M.B.E., has expertly written a collection of recipes that not only delivers incredible vegan food but are simple to make – they can be made in a hurry for a fast weekday supper or leisurely at the weekend to enjoy with friends. Most importantly, they are a celebration and a timely reminder of the benefits of flavoursome vegan cuisine. The spices used in Indian cooking are at the core of Ayurvedic medicine, with purported health benefits as diverse as promoting digestion, bolstering the immune system, reducing inflammation – and even benefiting prostate health.

    Realise the benefits of Indian veganism today with ZAIKA, with these classic yet fresh vegan recipes.

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  • Taste of Eastern India

    The Vibrant Flavors of Bengali Cuisine Brought to Your Home Kitchen

    Bengali native Kankana Saxena captures the wealth of intoxicating dishes and depths of favor that are fundamental to the Bengali community with savory stews, fragrant rice dishes, zesty spice blends and iconic street foods.

    Each recipe preserves the authenticity of traditional Indian cuisine but with a modern approach specific to the Eastern region?such as Chicken Shingara, which is similar to an Indian samosa but in Kolkata they’re smaller, spicier and deep-fried. There’s Chaana Kaju Torkari, which features paneer (Indian cottage cheese) that is rolled into dumplings for a hearty stew. Meanwhile, Fulkobi Aachaar reinvents Indian spiced cauliflower as a show-stopping pickled condiment.

    Brimming with culinary tradition and adventure, this rich collection of recipes transports you to the bustling streets of Kolkata, where the food is as fun to make as it is to eat.

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    Priya is turning thirty and is overwhelmed. Living in Bengaluru with her best friend, Farida, and working as the social media head of a software firm, she’s feeling the weight of becoming a responsible thirty-year-old. Not just this, she also has to fend off her mother’s persistent queries about when she intends to get married. Things begin to look up when Priya bumps into her charming new neighbour, Ajay. Sparks fly, but she soon finds out that he’s a widower and has some baggage to deal with.
    Thankfully, Priya finds moral support in the fact that her friends Farida, Mini and Namrata are approaching the three-O milestone too. Free-spirited Farida, shy Namrata, feisty Mini and Priya are brought together by family drama, boy trouble, and the fast-approaching birthdays. As they navigate love and friendships, they realize there’s a difference between growing up and growing old . . .

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    “All her life Megha has diligently done what was expected of her: the graduation in economics; the MBA in marketing and now the straitlaced job in a high-profile FMCG company.

    But lately; she’s been wondering if this unending routine of juggling late hours and unreasonable deadlines is really her life’s calling. Her mother’s desperate attempts to put her on the ‘marriage market’ are not making life any easier. And to top it all; Megha’s latest project has been bogged down by a complete dearth of creative ideas; giving her nasty boss the perfect excuse to disregard the blood; sweat and tears she’s poured into her job so far. The last thing she needs is having her suggestions trampled upon by the team’s new creative consultant; Yudi—gorgeous; sardonic and only too eager to disagree with Megha. And so the stage is set for a quirky battle of wits and some unexpected romance.”

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  • Best of Samaithu Paar

    “GAUTAM is awkward and shy; DAN oozes confidence.

    DAN deftly juggles his coffee and cookies; GAUTAM drops drinks.

    GAUTAM is afraid to talk to girls; DAN finds himself in bed with girls he’s only just met . . .

    Gautam Joshi is thirty years old; with a job in a call centre that his parents think is just one step up from unemployment and in a relationship that his girlfriend Michelle thinks is going nowhere. But Gautam loves his world. He makes more money than his father; and women actually want to go out with him: Blonde bombshells; friends of friends; strangers in bars; all seem attracted to Gautam. Well; not quite. That only happens when they call him Dan.

    Anish Trivedi’s Call Me Dan is a hilarious look at the new India; where arranged marriages and one-night stands are all part of a young man’s search for love. Even true love.

    Visit http://www.anishtrivedi.com for more…”

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    These recipes can be eaten every day for a healthy and balanced diet and feature classic and original curries, including those with an array of spices, vegetables and superfoods that are rich in anti-oxidants and cooked in a way that retains their specific nutrient value.

    Rooted in the streets, homes and markets of India, Everyday Healthy Indian Cookery reflects the delicious flavours and aromas of the curries and healing spices that characterise the very best of that country’s varied cuisine.

    You’ll find all-time favourites, such as traditional style Tandoori Chicken, Cardamom Lamb Karahi and Vegetable Samosas, as well as some more unusual dishes such as Mahi Ajwaini Fish Tikka, Bengali Style Chana Dal, Tamarind Rice, Lentil Pancakes and Hara Bhara Kebabs.

    Bring the taste of India to your kitchen with Malhi’s straightforward and healthy meals that are quick to prepare and delicious to eat.

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    ‘I am always transported to the golden years when our humble dastarkhan brought us all together…’

    A delectable treasure trove of stories and recipes, Daastan-e-Dastarkhan unravels the history and traditional cooking techniques of 30 intimate dishes from the culinary history of Muslim communities across India. In this evocative journal, MasterChef India contestant and consultant chef Sadaf Hussain invites you to gorge on Bihari kebabs during Eid, discover the influences of the spice trade in vegetarian dishes from coastal Mappila cuisine and learn about a lost recipe born out of competitions between chefs during the Nizami era.

    With easy-to-follow recipes adapted for today’s kitchens, this book encourages you to recreate mouth-watering delicacies and weaves the story of a community that is as varied as the food they create.

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    A book that celebrates spices, and the integral ways in which they shape what we eat.

    Throughout a career spanning thirty years, well-known food critic and writer (and little-known collector of spice-grinders of eclectic origin), Marryam H. Reshii has had a relentless love affair with spices. Such has been her passion that she has travelled across the country and to various corners of the world – crushing, grinding, frying and tasting – in a bid to understand every aspect of these magnificent ingredients.

    The result is The Flavour of Spice, a zesty narrative that brings together stories about the origins of spices and how they evolved in the cuisines we know and love; colourful anecdotes gleaned from encounters with plantation owners and spice merchants; and beloved family recipes from chefs and home cooks.


    From the market yards of Guntur, India’s chilli capital, to the foothills of Sri Lanka in search of ‘true’ cinnamon, and from the hillsides of Sikkim where black cardamom thrives to the saffron markets in the holy city of Mashhad, Iran – this heady account pulsates with exciting tales of travel and discovery, and an infectious love for the ingredients that add so much punch to our cuisines.

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    A stunning box set, complete with seven vintage maps in a pull-out drawer.

    Based on six years of on-the-ground research and unprecedented access to actual Champagne growers, Champagne is the first book to actually describe producers and wines based on their terroir – enlightening readers by showing them exactly where, how, and by whom these great wines are made.

    Champagne is one of the most iconic, sought-after wines in the world, beloved by serious wine collectors as well as everyday wine drinkers. However, it is also one of the most misunderstood wines out there – obscured by a multimillion-pound marketing industry that makes it difficult for consumers to honestly judge value and understand what they’re drinking.

    Included in the stunning box set are the Louis Larmat vinicultural maps – the only detailed wine maps of the region, which were commissioned by the French government in the mid-1940s and have never appeared in print in English.

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