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    Kenneth Clark’s sweeping narrative looks at how Western Europe evolved in the wake of the collapse of the Roman Empire, to produce the ideas, books, buildings, works of art and great individuals that make up our civilisation.

    The author takes us from Iona in the ninth century to France in the twelfth, from Florence to Urbino, from Germany to Rome, England, Holland and America. Against these historical backgrounds he sketches an extraordinary cast of characters — the men and women who gave new energy to civilisation and expanded our understanding of the world and of ourselves. He also highlights the works of genius they produced — in architecture, sculpture and painting, in philosophy, poetry and music, and in science and engineering, from Raphael’s School of Athens to the bridges of Brunel.

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    This beautifully illustrated volume showcases Manipur, the eastern-most state of the country on the India-Myanmar border, through stories and images, revealing the complexities of a region that many have referred to as possessing a ‘tortured beauty’.

    Manipur has often been called ‘mini-India’. Home to different religions, languages, cultures and customs, Manipur is, indeed, incredibly diverse, much like the country of which it is a part. Yet, this feature is also what makes it one of the most incredibly interesting places to visit and experience – a fact that is often overlooked due to the dearth of written material and, importantly, visual representations of the myriad aspects of the state.

    Shadow and Light: A Kaleidoscope of Manipur takes the reader on a visual journey through thousand years of history and the art, culture and traditions of the multiethnic people of Manipur. Through nuanced essays and captivating visuals on the state’s history, its natural treasures, its culture, food, local crafts and performing arts, this edition is an ideal collectible and gift for culture enthusiasts, travelers and nature lovers alike.

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    Whether you’re a complete beginner or keen to improve your skills Oils in 10 Steps is sure to help you on your way to becoming a true artist. Spanning various elements of this popular art form this amazing guide will take you through all the essential techniques needed to produce fantastic artworks. Simply follow the series of below steps to master your skill paint individual elements of a still life arrangement then put them all together to create a beautifully composed and executed masterpiece.Steps include:1 Get to know your materials2 Create tonal underpainting3 Hone your use of warm and cool colours4 Experiment with alla prima5 Use the classic glazing technique6 Master the art of blending7 Express yourself with impasto8 Make textural effects9 Get to grips with composition10 Learn how to bring it all together>

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    Whether you’re a complete beginner or keen to improve your skills Pastels in 10 Steps is sure to help you on your way to becoming a true artist. Spanning various elements of this popular art form this amazing guide will take you through all the essential techniques needed to produce fantastic artworks. Simply follow the series of below steps to master your skill paint individual elements of a still life arrangement then put them all together to create a beautifully composed and executed masterpiece.Steps include:1 Prepare good foundations2 Hone your use of colour3 Learn about linear techniques4 Experiment with impasto5 Master the art of blending and layering6 Create textural effects7 Use erasing and graffito8 Explore background colour9 Get to grips with composition10 Learn how to bring it all together>

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    Creating a successful global product is complex. Why do some products survive or become reinvented? What makes a product loved by some and despised by others? What key issues were present when some of the most notable inventions and product designs occurred?

    Through interviews with successful product designers and inventors from around the world and case studies of products from their local inception to their global success The Future of Design will answer these important questions and provide a robust framework for activating innovative thinking that goes beyond Western approaches to creativity and innovation.


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    This indispensable guide aims to be a one-stop-shop for the huge percentage of the population who, now or later, find themselves in a caring role, whether that involves shopping for a housebound neighbour, or giving up work to care full-time for a disabled child or confused parent. This book will also help carers care for themselves. It looks at the difficult feelings that go hand in hand with caring, including how relationships are affected. There’s guidance on what to do when a carer stops coping, and how to prepare emotionally and practically for the time when caring comes to an end.

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    Modern Calligraphy is a step-by-step workbook for those wanting to learn this super trendy form of lettering, and unlock your creativity to boot.

    Written by Lucy Edmonds, the founder of Quill London, the book will guide readers through the first steps of pointed pen calligraphy, encouraging you to spend an hour a week developing and practicing a new skill. Designed for complete beginners, the book offers tips, tricks and techniques on the materials required and how to use them properly, how to approach the modern calligraphy letterforms, and most importantly explores ways to develop our own modern calligraphy style. You’ll learn about inks and how to make your own, brush calligraphy, and what you can do with your new skill – from envelope addressing and event stationery to beautiful dinner party menus and gift tags.

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    Creativity, collaboration, inspiration

    Emma Bridgewater’s patterns are as quintessentially British as marmalade on toast – and they have made her distinctive homewares best sellers across the world.

    Her inspiration is often deeply personal – a plate of her mother’s, a favourite children’s book – and as she tells the stories of each pattern’s creation, she reveals the intricate processes of research and collaboration behind the familiar designs she has stamped on our kitchenware – and our hearts – for the past thirty years.

    Both an entrancing trip down memory lane and a behind-the-scenes look at a thriving creative business, Emma Bridgewater’s PATTERN is essential reading for anyone who has ever turned over their mug after draining their tea and wondered about the human story behind that proud declaration: Made in Stoke-on-Trent, England…

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    A chance to celebrate the one and only fashion king of rock the master of self-invention the most visually exciting artist of all time – the late David Bowie.

    A unique man a unique life David Bowie was one of the most iconic celebrities of all time. And this irresistible colouring book is a tribute to his inimitable style. Ziggy Stardust the Thin White Duke Aladdin Sane… His famous reincarnations from his illustrious career are all included. This is an opportunity like no other to let rip the imagination and indulge in an explosion of colour.

    Consisting of 30 black and white illustrations showing the full range of David Bowie’s idiosyncratic and indelible looks throughout the years The David Bowie Colouring Book will appeal to fans of colouring in and of the great music icon who died in January 2016.


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    It is now estimated that as much as 10% of the population in the UK and USA carries a tattoo. The huge recent growth in tattoo culture has in turn led to an influx of new talented artists advancements in pigments and refinement of the equipment used.

    This giant volume includes the very best of the new work made possible by modern improvements in tattoo art. Here are 500 striking photographic images of tattoos covering all styles from bold ‘tribal’ pieces Chinese characters and hieroglyphs to delicate air-brushed designs and from all-over ‘body suits’ to individual motifs – works as distinctive as the bodies they adorn. Featuring the work of the Discovery Channel’s L.A. Ink stars Corey Miller Kim Saigh and Hannah Aitchinson and London Ink’s Nicole Lowe Louis Molloy and Phil Kyle amongst many others.


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    Beauty and ugliness are two sides of the same coin; by ugliness we usually mean the opposite of beauty and we often define the first in order to understand the nature of the second. But the various depictions of ugliness over the centuries are richer and more unpredictable than is commonly thought. The striking images and anthological quotations in On Ugliness lead us on an extraordinary journey through the passions, terrors and nightmares of almost three thousand years, where acts of rejection go hand in hand with touching instances of empathy, and an aversion to deformity is accompanied by seductive violations of all classical canons.
    With his characteristic wit and erudition, Umberto Eco draws on examples in art and literature from ancient times to the present day. Abundantly illustrated with demons, madmen, vile enemies and disquieting presences, with freaks and the living dead, On Ugliness is conceived for a vast and diverse readership, and is an invaluable companion volume to On Beauty.

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    Craft lush, beautiful plants–from succulents and ferns to blooming flowers–with The No Kill Garden, a collection of more than 30 paper, felt, knit, and crocheted projects that bring the outdoors in.

    Many of us love plants . . . but it often feels like plants don’t love us back. For those people — the people who have purchased several “impossible to kill” houseplants, only to find them dead mere weeks later — there is The No Kill Garden, a charming collection of plants to craft and share.

    The handcrafted plants offered in this beguiling volume provide the sense of being surrounded by green, luscious plant life, without having to worry about that pesky watering.

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    In a world of screens and social media people are constantly searching for ways to reconnect to the handmade and the authentic-to add a personal spark and a beautiful look to everyday objects and occasions. The art of modern lettering is a point of connection a way of crafting letters and words into something that delights the eyes and feeds the soul. With unique projects and an Instagram-worthy aesthetic By Hand provides an inspirational jumping-off point for readers who want to incorporate lettering into a slower more intentional lifestyle.

    Blending the aspirational and the instructional By Hand brings the beauty of lettering beyond the page through 30 distinct projects from dip-dyed place cards to acrylic home furnishings. Relatable lessons introduce readers to the essentials of lettering including tools (watercolor brushes brush pens and markers) fonts and essential lessons with the warm and welcoming approach of popular Instagram letterer Nicole Miyuki Santo. Encouraging lessons sprinkled throughout the book add a touch of mindfulness while bright airy photography and step-by-step lettered samples make this lovely volume a stunning approach to an on-trend pastime.


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    The queen of style leads us through a year of celebrations.Pushing the boat out for a special occasion takes time, planning and a touch of magic. Author of Things I Wish Mother Had Told Me, Lucia van der Post, will show you how to make the most of events such as birthdays, weddings and Christmas. Life is too short not to make those key moments as special as possible. Whether you are organising a picnic in the park, a day at Ascot or a Bonfire night extravaganza, Celebrate is a wonderful source of inspiration and practical advice.

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