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    Celtic Art is the only indigenous British art form of world significance and this book is a graphically eloquent plea for the establishment of this great national art to its rightful place in schools and colleges where the history of ornament is being taught.

    Until recently the classical orientated art-world has regarded the abstract iconographic and symbolic style of the Celtic artist as something of an enigma a mysterious archaic survival largely ignored in histories of art. The modern trends away from realism and the interest of the younger generation in psychedelic and art nouveau styles provides favourable ground for the Celtic art revival which the widespread interest in this new edition seems to indicate is possible.

    When this book first appeared it was hailed as a ‘veritable grammar of ornament’. It is certainly an indispensable reference book and practical textbook for the art student and craftsman seeking simple constructional methods for laying out complex ornamental schemes.

    The entire chronology of symbols is embrace from spirals through chevrons step patterns and keys to knotwork interlacings which are unique to this particular Celtic school. There are also sections dealing with zoomorphics authentic Celtic knitwear ceramics and other areas in which the author pioneered in his day.

    This book deals with the Pictish School of artist-craftsman who cut pagan symbols like the Burghead Bull and in the early Christian era designed such superb examples of monumental sculpture as the Aberlemno Cross the Ardagh Chalice and the counter-parts in the Books of Kells and Lindisfarne.

    Knotwork Interlacings owing much of their perfection and beauty to the use of mathematical formulae are unique to Pictish Art and are found nowhere else than the areas occupied by the Picts. The outstanding achievement of their art was the subtle manner in which they combined artistic geometric and mathematical methods with magic imagination and logic the function being both to teach and adorn.

    Although incidental to the main educational purpose of this book there is also an implicit challenge to the art historian and archaeologist. The author frankly admits that the evidence such researches into the art have revealed of a hitherto unsuspected culture of much sophistication in pre-Roman Britain pose as many questions as are answered.

    Who were the Picts? Whence the Asiatic origins of the Celtic Art?

    The instinct to ornament is one of the most basic human impulses that seems to have atavistic roots in the primeval creative and imaginative characteristic that separates man from beast.


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    Master embroidery stitches with this collection of 20 eye-catching motifs, patterns and projects, ideal for novices through to experienced embroiderers.

    Easy-to-follow instructions accompany each colourful design, and you’ll find customization tips and guidance to help you make every piece your own.

    Discover imaginative ideas for embellishing items to wear, display and gift, ranging from simple motifs for a cotton bag or T-shirt, through to intricate landscapes for beautiful wall art.

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    Nikki Van De Car spent the months before her daughter’s birth knitting constantly to keep her hands busy and to help the time before her arrival pass more quickly. She knitted everything from sweaters and hats to burp cloths and stuffed animals. Over the course of the following year she learned which items were actually useful and which sat in a drawer never to be worn. The 28 patterns collected in ‘What to Knit When You’re Expecting’ for babies aged from 0 to 12 months are the best of these and include booties mittens bibs and blankets as well as sweaters hats and cardigans. All are relatively simple so can be knit while your mind is elsewhere and all are immensely practical. This title is organized according to where you are in your pregnancy the patterns for the first trimester reflect the fact there is still plenty of time to finish a longer project; those for the second when many women learn the sex of their baby focus on clothes for girls and boys; and projects for the third are quick and easy.>

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    Dr. Marty Becker has become known as “America’s Veterinarian” because of his educational and entertaining shows and columns. For more than ten years Dr. Becker has been the popular veterinary contributor to ABC-TV’s Good Morning America and is now a member of Core Team Oz on Dr. Mehmet Oz’s show.

    Dr. Becker will help owners solve problems and enhance their bond with their cats through a tip-filled book on everything from finding the right cat to preventing health problems and bad behavior. He will start owners off on the right foot whether they buy a kitten or adopt an older cat showing them how to solve the most annoying behavior and cat-care problems–from scratching furniture to not using the litter-box. (Surprising fact: did you know that black cats shed more than light-colored cats?) And he advises owners how to make their own cat toys and how to save money on medication both traditional and alternative.

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    This practical and inspiring guide to creating and using natural dyes from plants offers information on current environmentally friendly dyeing techniques and more than 65 species of plants and natural dyestuffs.

    This comprehensive book outlines how to:

    Select fibres and plant parts
    Choose the right methods for mordanting and dyeing
    Obtain a range of gorgeous colours from every plant.

    Wild Colour is the all-in-one resource for fibre enthusiasts including knitters sewers and weavers gardeners who are interested in new uses for traditional dye plants and eco-conscious DIYers who want authoritative information about the natural dyeing process and the plants that are essential for it.


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    Packed with vibrant designs, there are 55 easy-to-make projects plus a host of exciting variations to stimulate creativity in children aged 2-6. Marking every kind of special occasion and celebration from Easter to Harvest Festival, Halloween and Christmas, you will find colourful and stylish stationery, scented candles, soaps, sweets, masks and lanterns. All projects come with a list of materials, time taken and age suitability.
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    From the cute Spring Bunnies quilt to the festive Christmas Baubles wall hanging, the classic Cadeaux de Provence quilt to the innovative Coffee and Cream throw, here you will find quilts to suit every home and all abilities. 20 original patterns for fast and simple quilts and great ideas for adapting designs to suit your space. Includes quilting basics and each technique is clearly explained with step-by-step illustrations.

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    Sassy attitude meets classic crafts – what’s not to love? With this collection of punchy cross-stitch patterns you can try your hand at this easy stylish craft that’s taking the world by storm and liven up your home at the same time.

    From the fierce and cheeky to the motivational this book has a cross-stitch for every situation. Hang them up to brighten your morning to add a bit of fun to your party or to inject your home with serious style. These patterns will also make the perfect gift for your style-conscious friends.

    Featuring 20 designs including:
    – Haters gonna hate
    – What would BeyoncĂ© do?
    – In Taylor we trust
    – Selfie-free zone
    – To Bieber or not to Bieber? That is the question.
    – No speaking before coffee
    – I make it tequila o’clock

    Some designs contain swearing.


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    Stuart Hillard reached the semi-final of BBC2’s GREAT BRITISH SEWING BEE, bringing a fantastic sense of invention, passion, creativity and style to all things fabric. Stuart’s first love is sewing for the home – transforming everything from tablecloths, cushions and curtains to garden chairs and quilts. He is an enthusiastic home sewer and teacher and his mission is to make sewing for the home accessible and aspirational, and his message is clear: sewing is for everyone.He introduces the novice sewer to the basic skills, kit and trimmings and also endeavours to teach even the most experienced sewer a new range of techniques. Ranging from the super-easy, no-sew projects for those who are enthusiastic about fabric but are under-confident, to gorgeous quilts that take a few basic sewing skills, Stuart’s brilliant designs and simple-to-follow approach will help everyone to sew for their own home, their own way.

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    Making toys is such great fun: they are small quick to sew and you can let your creative flair run riot. If you are not a confident sewer then a simple toy is the perfect project for you.

    The toys in Stitched Toys range from super-simple felt mice to a richly embroidered doll. There are projects to do by hand and projects made almost entirely on the sewing machine.

    For every project the required quantities and types of material are given together with colour suggestions but of course you can make your toy in whatever colour scheme you choose. You can also make the toys bigger or smaller than those in the book; simply enlarge the templates by a different percentage and adapt the materials accordingly.


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