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  • The Bhyabachyaka And Other Wild Poems

    The Bhyabachyaka, the Llamysten,
    Dibyn-Dobyn and the Cyffrablaidd—all kinds of curious creatures come together in this collection of quirky nonsense poems that are sometimes creepy, sometimes strange, but always funny and highly entertaining.

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  • Ramayana In Rhyme 2019 Edition Pb

    Follow the adventures of Sita and the bros,
    But this time let’s do it in rhyme not in prose!
    It’s a modern retelling of a classic tale,
    Cross your fingers and hope that Ram and Lakshman won’t fail;
    To rescue Ram’s wife from an evil mister,
    Who was out to avenge his heartbroken sister.
    They went on a journey through forests galore,
    With allies aplenty but enemies more.
    With a monkey army by his side,
    Ram set off to rescue his beautiful bride.
    It wasn’t easy, many things came in their way,
    But they managed to be positive even when the skies were grey.
    So let’s dive into the sands of time,
    And learn about the Ramayana in rhyme.

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  • The Fried Frog And Other Funny Freaky Foodie Feisty Poems

    Have you ever heard of fabulous beasts that are garbage trucks? Have you ever met a person called Shampoo who talks in frothy bubbles? Have you ever wondered whether sails are happy or surly? Have you ever ridden a word balloon or seen a blue heron? If you haven’t, here’s your chance! The Fried Frog is full of all kinds of strangeness, hilariousness and seriousness.

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  • The Jingle Book: Poems For Children

    A kitten with butterfly wings,
    A pair of squabbling kings,
    The brave deeds of a heroic rat,
    A friendship between a beetle and a bat.
    Read about all these and more in this
    collection of curious creatures and
    ridiculous rhymes.

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