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  • Aunt Grizelda'S Treasury Of Grim And Grisly Rhymes

    Aunt Grizelda (Grizelda Schwarz, born October 31st, 1832, in Transylvania) graduated with a degree in Lycanthropy from Kreep University, worked as a journalist for The Zombie Times and then the women’s magazine Haunted Homes, and now freelances from a Yorkshire Moors belfry, where she lives with her pet wolfhounds Fang and Baskerville, her bat Squeaky, and her serpents Bella and Donna. Here she shares, in verse form, helpful tales of children who’ve made such dreadful mistakes as playing with lighters, looking at their smart phones instead of at traffic, playing too many computer games, and eating bugs. 

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  • #Help: My Cat's a Vlogging Superstar!

    From the multi award-winning picture book maker of A Bit Lost, Oh No, George! and Shh! We Have a Plan, comes the ultimate bedtime book.

    A series of exquisitely coloured cut pages of increasing size introduce woodland families – bears, deer, rabbits and teeny, tiny mice – who are all beginning to feel really … rather … tired … YAWN! “Dear me,” says Great Big Bear, “it must be time for bed!” But Little Bear is certainly not sleepy – he’s wide awake! (For now…) With sublime, starry night time scenes and an infectious yawny “Good night” refrain, Chris Haughton creates a lulling bedtime read, perfect for parents and children to share together.

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  • Lizzy Bennet's Diary

    From the bird-of-paradise that performs its extravagantly colourful courtship dance in the rainforest to the bar-tailed godwit that flies thousands of miles across the ocean without stopping, explore the world of magnificent birds in this beautiful gift book, created in association with the RSPB. Narisa Togo’s stunning, stylish lino-cut prints capture the beauty and the drama of these wonderful winged creatures, making this a non-fiction book like no other.

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  • Jane, the Fox and Me

    From the award-winning creator of Hug, Tall and Yes comes another classic picture book for the very youngest children. Using only a handful of words, Jez Alborough skilfully tells the bedtime tale of Bobo the chimp. The sun is still up and this little chimp wants to play with his jungle friends, but then the sun goes down and he’s all alone… The perfect bedtime read for every playful little monkey!

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  • Half a Creature from the Sea

    Join friends Billy and Bee in the second instalment of a brand-new “First Experiences” series set in the urban city centre. Today let’s go to … the farm! Billy and Bee are so excited to meet the animals. It’s boots on quick, as there are lambs to be fed, piglets to be played with and hen’s eggs to be hatched! An introduction to first animals and a lively celebration of a toddler’s first farmyard experience, this delightfully rhythmical read-aloud text for the very youngest of readers is paired with gorgeously fresh artwork from Anna Hibiscus illustrator, Lauren Tobia.

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  • My Feel Good Book

    Bursting with 90 inspirational ideas and activities, this is a practical and fun guide to self-confidence and well-being: essential reading for children aged 7 to 9, and perfect for all the family to enjoy together. From happiness-boosting phrases to exploring the big outdoors, easy-to-follow steps for managing emotions to ditching technology and building dens out of books, Françoize Boucher’s imaginative advice is perfect whenever you need a sparkle of happiness or a rainbow of calm.

    A super stylish, accessible and delightfully funny book guaranteed to make you feel good!

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  • Nine Worlds in Nine Nights: A Journey Through Imaginary Lands

    From King Arthur’s Round Table at Camelot to the majestic hall of slain heroes in Asgard, visit incredible lands from myth, legend and fairy tale in this beautiful gift book. Follow the story of Dawn Gable, a scientist who shuns the world of stories in favour of dry facts, as she is taken on an unbelievable voyage to open her eyes to the power of imagination. With stunning, intricate art from David Wyatt, explore a city of robots, the ancient city of Kor, the miniature world of Lilliput and flying island of Laputa, a mountainous home of mythical beasts, the primeval island of Buyan and more. An absorbing and breath-taking gift for everyone who believes in the transformative power of stories.

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  • Msb: Weathers The Storm

    CRASH! BOOM! FLASH! There are stormy skies ahead for Ms. Frizzle and her class. What happens when the Magic School Bus turns into a weather balloon? Take off with the Magic School Bus and learn all about what happens during a thunderstorm.

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  • the-inkers-shadow

    Caldecott Medalist, Allen Say, presents a companion to his award-wining Drawing from Memory-the story of his coming-of-age at a military academy and the discovery of what it means to be American.
    For Allen Say, life as teen in Southern California was a cold existence. His father, one of the leading hamburger salesmen in Japan, ran a booming burger business, much like McDonald’s and sent Allen to an American military academy, so that his son could learn English and “become a success in life.”

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  • silent-days-silent-dreams

    James Castle was born two months premature on September 25, 1899, on a farm in Garden Valley, Idaho. He was deaf, mute, autistic, and probably dyslexic. He didn’t walk until he was four; he would never learn to speak, write, read, or use sign language.Yet, today Castle’s artwork hangs in major museums throughout the world.The Philadelphia Museum of Art opened “James Castle: A Retrospective” in 2008. The 2013 Venice Biennale included eleven works by Castle in the feature exhibition “The Encyclopedic Palace.”And his reputation continues to grow.

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