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  • What’s the word for . . .?

    People in different countries speak different languages-and sometimes these languages have words that are untranslatable into English. Did you know that Japanese has a word for pretending not to be at home when someone rings the doorbell? Or that there’s a German word for the weight that you put on because of emotional eating? Or even that there’s a Yiddish word for thinking of a witty comeback only when it’s too late?

    Wonder Words is a gorgeous, illuminating and often hilarious lexicon of unique words from all over the globe. It will open up your world, making you aware of emotions, cultures and practices from far and beyond. Join author-illustrator Rituparna Sarkar in finding the joy of new words in different languages that you always hoped would exist in English!

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  • Ace your curriculum and assessments with these ultimate memory techniques
    Retaining information can be hard, especially when you have so many things to focus on-your homework, the rigorous school syllabus and the ever-dreaded competitive exams. Today, students just have too much to learn!
    This book will serve as a handbook for you to memorize information, topics and answers from your course of study. Using memory-enhancing practices and techniques along with tips, activities and practice sections, you can train your brain to retain a wide range of topics and subjects. From the periodic table to trigonometry, history dates to countries and their capitals, master it all with these practical techniques, supported by some quirky and fun artwork that serves as a great visual aid.

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  • Did you know there was a time when bears spoke, the moon laughed and babies were found inside fish?
    Have you heard of the two-horned sage who had never seen a woman in his life?
    Did you know Ravana’s half-brother was the god of wealth?
    Have you ever seen a man with a thousand arms?

    The tales in this collection surround the two most popular avatars of Lord Vishnu-Rama and Krishna-and their lineage. Countless stories about the two abound, yet most are simply disappearing from the hearts and minds of the present generation.
    Bestselling author Sudha Murty takes you on an arresting tour, all the while telling you of the days when demons and gods walked alongside humans, animals could talk and gods granted the most glorious boons to common people.

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  • “Your complete guide to the wisdom of the wild

    Ever wondered how much you’re missing out on the world of our furry-scaly-muddy-prickly-slippery-ferny-crawly-feathery friends?
    Worry not! For culled from sky and sea, from bedrock and treetop, the best and the bizarrest of the plant and animal kingdoms come together in this definitive box set on the secrets of the wild.
    Sumptuously illustrated and compiled from India’s only national-level quiz on wildlife, these volumes are crammed with baffling questions and curious nuggets of trivia that will only leave you asking for more!

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  • “Now Wilder for Wiser

    Can you name a carnivorous plant?
    How many vertebrae does a giraffe have in its neck?
    Why do many animals eat soil?
    Take a joyride through the animal and plant kingdoms, and learn about exotic and familiar species. Compiled from India’s only national-level quiz on wildlife, this book is
    bursting with fascinating facts, little-known details and mind-boggling trivia—brought to life with exquisite artwork. Enter this bountiful world as a wide-eyed greenhorn and leave as a seasoned nature explorer!
    A must-have for your shelf, The Wild Wisdom Quiz Book: Volume 2 is a great tool to test your own knowledge and challenge your friends.”

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  • “Go wild with the year’s most exciting quiz book
    Who is the head of the elephant family?
    a. Matriarch b. Tusker
    c. Patriarch d. Elderphant
    Which is the only snake that builds a nest?
    a. Rattlesnake b. King Cobra
    c. Rat snake d. Mamba
    If questions like these fascinate you, then this one-of-its-kind quiz book is a must for your bookshelf! Compiled from India’s only national-level quiz on wildlife, this book packs in incredible information on the amazing world of animals and plants. Get a low-down on bizarre animal facts and increase your sense of wonder with some mind-boggling questions on exotic and familiar species.
    Peppered with amazing trivia and charming illustrations, this fun and irresistible book is an absolute essential. Use it to test your own knowledge and quiz your friends.”

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  • Have no fear as your super cool Maths companion is here!
    Learn how to be quick and better at Maths with this well-researched book that has an amazing collection of mathematical techniques from around the world. Use these sutras along with the activity sheets to master the secret know-hows and achieve exceptional results. Explore ingenious maths concepts and systems, and try your hand at popular puzzles like KenKen, Kakuro and Alphametics. Who says maths can’t be fun?
    It’s time to compute like a boss!

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  • Everything you wanted to know about money but never asked the grown-ups about
    They say time is money. But they never really tell you why.
    They say money doesn’t grow on trees. But they don’t tell you where it comes from.

    Aman and Anya are as clueless about cash as you are. Then, they start asking questions. Egged on by clever Dadi and forthcoming Mom and Dad (who want nothing to come in the way of their children and knowledge), Aman and Anya learn what finances are really all about.
    So go ahead! Read on for a roller-coaster ride through the world of money.

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  • This is the story of Babur, the first Mughal emperor of Hindustan. It is based on the Babur Nama, in which Babur writes about the events in his life, and of the people and things he loved or hated. Descended from two legendary conquerors, Chenghis Khan and Amir Temur, Babur spent much of early life losing kingdoms, wandering through the Uzbek mountains and almost living the life of a vagabond. This is the story of the strange and wonderful things the future brought to him.
    Lavishly illustrated in Mughal miniature style paintings, this action-packed tale of this legend, king and adventurer will fascinate children and their parents alike.

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  • Former Chief Justice Leila Seth makes the words of the Preamble to the Constitution understandable to even the youngest reader. What is a democratic republic, why are we secular, what is sovereignty? Believing that it is never too early for young people to learn about the Constitution, she tackles these concepts and explains them in a manner everyone can grasp and enjoy. Accompanied by numerous photographs, captivating and inspiring illustrations by acclaimed illustrator Bindia Thapar, and delightful bits of trivia, We, the Children of India is essential reading for every young citizen.

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  • Let’s take a walk through history
    And as you travel back in time . . .
    ~ Dine with Mughal princess Jahanara Begum
    ~ Have a jugalbandi with Miyan Tansen
    ~ Compete with the nawabs of Chandni Chowk in a kite-flying duel
    ~ Be a part of Raja Ram Mohan Roy’s fight for the education of the girl child
    ~ Revolt with Indian sepoys in the Mutiny of 1857
    . . . and witness many more exciting events!
    Peppered with stunning illustrations and unusual trivia, this is a fascinating read about the unforgettable events and people from Indian history.

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  • “Maps and Mountains, Lions and Tigers, Rivers and Oceans—all sorts of things you didn’t know about India’s geography
    Could you be related to a blonde Lithuanian? What if ostriches once roamed in India? Did you know that India is the only country that has both lions and tigers? Who found out how tall Mt Everest is?
    If you’ve ever wanted to know the answers to questions like these, this is the book for you. In here you will find various things you never expected, such as the fact that we still greet each other like the Harappans did and that people used to think India was full of one-eyed giants. And sneakily you’ll also know more about India’s history and geography by the end of it.
    Full of quirky pictures and crazy trivia, this book takes you on a fantastic journey through the incredible history of India’s geography.”

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  • How to write right
    Master the art of writing a diary, letter, advertisement, script, novel-just about anything-with this fun activity book, featuring handy tips and expert advice to make you a pro. With the help of some zany characters and whimsical artwork, explore the power of the written word, equip yourself with the basic tools that’ll help sharpen your craft and wield the pen like never before!

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  • Winner of the 2019 Hindu Young World-Goodbooks Award for Best Book (Non-Fiction)

    Embark on a vivid journey on which you’ll learn about the origins and evolution of art in the country. Prepare to be amazed by the first pictures made by early humans; reflect upon the serenity of Buddhist cave paintings at Ajanta; marvel at the splendour of Mughal miniature art; delight in the religious depictions of Tanjore; study the hybrid Company and revivalist Bengal styles; and discover the best of modern and contemporary artists.
    Watch it all come alive in intricate black-and-white sketches and stunning photographs of the most celebrated visuals across time.

    A rich primer on the different schools of art and the most significant movements in Indian art history, A Brush with Indian Art might even nudge you into propping up your first canvas!

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  • Exam Warriors by Narendra Modi is an inspiring book for the youth. Written in a fun and interactive style, with illustrations, activities and yoga exercises, this book will be a friend not only in acing exams but also in facing life.
    Non-preachy, practical and thought-provoking, Exam Warriors is a handy guide for students in India and across the world.

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  • Did the mongols really drink horse’s blood?

    What was the one thing that made the mighty Genghis Khan tremble in his boots?

    Why did Mongol soldiers wear silk underwear and leather soaked in horse wee?

    What made Genghis Khan’s international spy network so super-sneaky?

    Armed with an intriguing tale, fabulously foul facts, wonderfully wacky illustrations and our time-travelling commentator Yakkety Yak’s appalling jokes, Nayanika Mahtani sets out to explore whether Genghis Khan really was the evil villain that he is often made out to be.
    Prepare for a riveting, rip-roaring read—packed with unusual surprises!

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  • Will robots take over the world?
    When will we meet aliens?
    How are memories stored inside the brain?
    Join Dr A.P.J. Kalam on a fascinating quest to explore the realm of science and technology, its extraordinary achievements and its impact on our lives in the days to come.
    Co-written with Srijan Pal Singh, this book features exciting and cutting-edge career paths in areas such as robotics, aeronautics, neurosciences, pathology, paleontology and material sciences . . . in other words, careers that are going to make a difference in the future. The result of extensive research, this book offers a plethora of ground-breaking ideas that will make youngsters think out of the box.
    Filled with anecdotes, conversations, experiments and even inputs from leading scientists, Reignited is the perfect handbook that is bound to create a spark for science among students, youth and science enthusiasts.

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  • My India: Notes for the Future contains excerpts from Dr A.P. J Adbul Kalam’s speeches in his post presidency years. Drawn from Dr Kalam’s addresses to parliaments, universities, schools and other institutions in India and abroad, they include his ideas on science, nation building, poverty, compassion and self-confidence.
    Dr Kalam draws on the lives of stalwarts such as Marie Curie, Dr Vikram Sarabhai to encourage and inspire his young readers. Through these speeches, he shares many valuable lessons in humility, resilience, and determination and leads children to think, grow and evolve.
    A project very close to his heart, Dr Kalam’s last book for children is a road map for every child to pursue their dreams, to be the best they can be, leading to the realisation of a better India.

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  • Pick up this book for a rollercoaster ride through centuries of world history How did the world become what it is today? How and when were the countries formed? Where did people come from? How did art, technology, science, language and literature begin? In The Puffin History of the World- Volume 1, Roshen Dalal traces the origin of human beings and the different aspects of their development and growth, right from the big bang and the origin of the universe, up to CE 1500. Well-researched and comprehensive, this book speaks of great civilizations and empires, epics, myths and legends, religions old and new, wars and conquests, clothes, food and lifestyle, trade, travel and adventure and much more. It packs in exciting trivia, numerous maps and illustrations that provide a breathtaking overview of global history. Ideal for students and young readers, this amazing reference guide helps to bring the past to life like never before.

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