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  • None of us can live without air to breathe. But our factories and cars are sending toxic chemicals into the air, making it difficult to stay healthy. It is also causing our planet to warm up very fast, which is bad for all living things. This book contains important information, helpful tips and stories of people who have found ways to clean up the air around us. There are also lots of fun activities and do-it-yourself projects for you to try at home.

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  • Binding: Paperback

    Publisher: Hachette India Children’s Books

    Pages: 224 pp

    Age: 8 to 12

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  • Walk into a delightful garden full of birds, bees, nests, trees, flowers, and lots and lots of stories.  A great big jamun tree and a fat cat dominate Bulbul Sharma’s garden in Delhi. But the true life of this lovely patch of green are the birds—sparrows, parakeets, sunbirds, doves, and many more—who come here to look for food and nectar, build nests, find friends, quarrel with one another, or simply sit and sing to each other. Bulbul writes of the magpie robin loudly interrupting the other birds; the hoopoe that calls its own name and rushes around busily; the shy golden oriole that prefers to hide in the large peepal tree; the sharp-eyed owls that watch silently and then swoop down to pick up the mouse that ventured out at night. She also describes the hectic activity around a small water body and a forest, the gathering place for sandpipers, dabchicks, snake-birds, red munias, grey partridges and many migratory birds that fly in from far-off places like the Arctic and Siberia. Filled with glorious colour illustrations, Birds in My Garden and Beyond brings to vivid life the world of Indian birds, and shows us what we need to do to look after them—and make our world more beautiful.

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  • In this collection of stories and essays by children and young adults from different parts of India, we see unbridled imagination and empathy, as they write about what is happening around them. While one writer wonders why her dreams have gone missing, another turns to history to see what lockdowns would have been like in ancient times. There are heartrending and deeply emotional stories of lives lost and the stark inequalities that the pandemic has laid bare. Some writers wonder if the star of hope will ever shine again, and others look for relief in scientific thought, in writing, and in books.Throughout the collection there runs a sense of time lost and gained—of how this phase of global history is a bend in time. Intensely honest, wise yet innocent, thoughtful and full of hope, this anthology, introduced by award-winning children’s writer Bijal Vachharajani, is a peek into the mind of a generation that could re-imagine our world and, if we are lucky, make it safer, wiser and more compassionate.

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