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  • Mission India: A Vision For Indian Youth has been written with the intention of challenging the Indian youth to bring about a positive change in the country by 2020. Kalam starts off by telling the readers that there has never been a time in Indian history such as this, where the nation has 540 million youth and 20 million Indians across the globe. He also states that several developed countries have directed their efforts towards setting up research centers across the country, which has benefited scientists, engineers, and professionals from various spheres.

    Kalam and Rajan tell the readers about their goal to make India one among the five top economic powers in the world by 2020. In the beginning of this book, Kalam presents the readers with a question as to whether India can become a developed country. He then provides insights into the current situation in the country, and explains that this goal is a realistic one. In the subsequent chapters, Kalam and Rajan begin to examine the five industries that need to become reasonably self-sufficient in the coming years, and each chapter tells the readers what can be done to bring a positive change in each industry.

    They also tell the readers about the current education system in the country, and the latest technology that can be used to improve the quality of education. The readers are also given insights into the present healthcare industry and infrastructural system, which are trademarks of a developed nation. Kalam and Rajan conclude by telling every individual and organization about the role they can play in transforming the nation by 2020

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  • Discover some fascinating trivia in this compilation of 1000 fun facts from the worlds of science, literature, history, entertainment and more. This book reveals facts you may never have heard of before such as: which is the most ‘stolen’ book in the world, how can one marry a dead person, and how did the word ‘dude’ originate?

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  • Ever wondered how roller coasters work? Been fascinated with nuts, bolts, screwdrivers, batteries, switches, wires and bulbs? Get acquainted with these movers and shakers of the world of gadgetry around us . . . and become a Junior Inventor yourself ! Put together by Cloud Mentor, a company that mentors kids to become budding inventors, this fun book is specifically designed for today’s readers and suggests tons of activities to keep them happily occupied. Featuring almost every conceivable topic of interest—from machines, circuits, kitchen innovations to design basics—this incredible book helps children unleash their creativity and their innovative best.

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  • Who invented rockets?

    Why do we need them?

    How do rockets work?

    It may be rocket science; but it has never been easier to know all about rockets! Through 75 Q & As; you will learn absolutely everything about rockets:

    Who makes them?

    How are they made?

    Who were the scientists who developed the science of rockets?

    What will the rockets of the future be like?

    These are just some of the fascinating questions answered in this book in easy-to-understand; jargon-free language. Accompanied by numerous illustrations; photographs and suggested experiments which will help you comprehend the principles of rocket science right in your home; All About Rockets tells all you ever wanted to know about these intriguing machines.

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  • “Place: the Moon
    Location: 380,000 kms from planet Earth
    Environment: Harsh
    Need for Study: Immense

    Man has gazed at the Moon, wondered about it and studied it for centuries. Yet, many aspects about Earth’s satellite remain unknown, and With an can keep scientists busy for years. In this book, S.K. Das sets out to explain some of them.

    How was the moon formed?
    Is the moon just a barren, rocky piece of land?
    Does it contain minerals that humans can use in the future?
    What does the dark side of the moon look like?

    India’s maiden moon mission, Chandrayaan 1, set out to find the answers to some of these questions, among others. How did the Indian Space Research Organization go about planning for the mission; why did India need to go to the moon; are there going to be more space explorations by Indian scientists?

    Mission Moon is filled with lively descriptions of many little known facts and myths about the Moon. It also includes details of the Chandrayaan 1 project, including the recent, exciting discovery of water made on the Moon. Accompanied by photos from Chandrayaan 1’s cameras, this book is for all young space enthusiasts and avid star gazers.”

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  • Enter the portal that will export you all the way to that historic stroke of the midnight hour!
    The year 1947 was one of change. After almost 200 years of British rule, India became a united political entity. Only one question rang loud: What type of nation would the new India be?
    This book traces the country’s whirlwind journey, giving us a look at the last seventy years. Against a political backdrop, it provides glimpses of India’s vast and rich culture, its many languages and remarkable diversity, its eminent personalities and notable achievements in all spheres. Featuring bite-sized information, fun facts, charming illustrations and detailed maps, this special book sums up the logs of India’s independence in a fitting way.

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  • “From the world wars to the French revolution, the emergence of the Internet to the decoding of the genome, Roshen Dalal traces the progress of human civilization across the centuries.

    Find answers to how the slave trade came about and how industrialization happened. Follow the rise and fall of great empires such as the Ottomans and the Mughals, the breakdown of communism in China and the destruction and rejuvenation of Japan post nuclear attacks. Discover how new countries shaped their boundaries and great art and literature flourished.

    Beginning at 1500, this sequel volume packs in interesting stories and quotes, portraits of colourful personalities, fun trivia as well as numerous maps and illustrations that bring global history alive.”

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  • How did the world become what it is today? How and when were thecountries formed? Where did people come from? How did art, technology,science, language and literature begin? In The Puffin History of theWorld- Volume 1, Roshen Dalal traces the origin of human beings and thedifferent aspects of their development and growth, right from the big bangand the origin of the universe, up to CE 1500.Well-researched and comprehensive, this book speaks of great civilizationsand empires, epics, myths and legends, religions old and new, wars andconquests, clothes, food and lifestyle, trade, travel and adventure andmuch more. It packs in exciting trivia, numerous maps and illustrationsthat provide a breathtaking overview of global history.Ideal for students and young readers, this amazing reference guide helpsto bring the past to life like never before.

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  • This book begins at the turning point at which India attains independence from the British. Following the trauma of the Partition, the focus shifts to the making of the Constitution, the integration of the 565 princely states, and the setting up of the administrative, legislative and judiciary systems. This is the story of India’s people and the making of our nation. Well researched and engaging, it is a contemporary history of India. It speaks of our art, culture, events and personalities that have shaped the country in recent times. Nuggets of fascinating information, attractive illustrations and detailed maps make the book a fantastic read. Ideal for students and young readers, this amazing reference guide helps to bring the past to life like never before. This is the companion volume to the bestselling The Puffin History of India: Volume1.

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  • The Puffin Inter-School Quiz contests have, over the years, generated a lot of interest among young quiz enthusiasts. The first “Puffin Quiz Book” and its sequel the following year have only whetted their appetite for more. The latest in the series, which includes actual questions from Puffin quiz contests and special sets of questions on “Star Wars”, Leander Paes, Albert Einstein, Harry Potter, the Mahabharata, science-fiction literature, Agatha Christie and Tintin, is delightfully entertaining.

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  • “Crazy about cricket? Mad about Mahi? Waiting with fingers crossed for the World Cup?

    Here’s a book that will help you navigate your way through the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup. Filled with fun facts; quick and quirky history; tell-your-friends-about-it trivia; games; cartoons and information about key players; teams and even stadia; this is the ideal companion to enjoy the World Cup with!

    So if you want to know:

    Who was the person who witnessed two ten-wicket hauls forty-three years apart

    How cricket got its name (Wooden planks; wicket gates and some Dutch is involved.)

    What were the highlights at each World Cup since 1975.

    Which 9 ODI records Sachin might break (Let’s hope it is not the one for most runs on a losing side!)

    Cricket! is the book you must have!”

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  • Get Smart! is the new mantra for students. With a systematic, back-to-the-basics approach, the books in this series aim to help students tackle crucial subjects in school with confidence and enjoyment. Accompanied by tables, illustrations and many exciting exercises, the Get Smart! series gives helpful tips and sensible advice so that students can develop both creative and analytical skills. Get Smart! Study Smarter is a unique guide for students that illustrates the best methods to adopt while doing school work. It examines various aspects of learning and gives practical suggestions on how to: • Manage your study time better • Understand and learn your lessons efficiently using methods like SQ3R • Enhance your memory with memory aids like Acronyms, Acrostics, Rhymes, Associations • Prepare for exams And for those who feel that life is all about books and lessons, Study Smarter gives ideas on what to do to unwind in the spare hours! Filled with helpful examples, study plans, timetables and charts, and packed with exciting trivia, this book aims to help students lead a well rounded school life. Age group of target audience (Puffin): 12+

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  • What did Gandhiji think about his own family and school life? What were his thoughts on the role of the youth in a nation’s life? What was his philosophy of Satyagraha, non-violence and truth? Can we emulate his actions and thoughts in the modern world? Children will find Gandhi Speaks inspiring, thought-provoking and pertinent. It is the perfect introduction to the thoughts and dreams that went into creating self-reliant, independent India. Mahatma Gandhi’s words have been recorded in countless books and studied by many scholars. His writings and speeches about family, education system, economy, religion and truthfulness, hold as much relevance as they did during his lifetime and today, more than ever, they need to reach out to a new generation.

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  • ” I, Arjun Bhasin, am a genius. I’ve just been diagnosed with it.
    Once upon a time, I was an average Joe, neither at the top nor at the bottom. Heck, I was even the middle sibling! But all it took was one test, just one, to change my life. Suddenly, I was important. I was a GENIUS. Everyone was waiting anxiously to hear the pearls of wisdom that would drop from my mouth. Only one problem I didn’t know what I was a genius at.
    If you think geniuses have it all, I bet you haven’t met someone like me. I’d give anything to be a normal thirteen-year-old again. At least I wouldn’t be dragged everywhere, from museums to theatre classes to horse races, to find out my ‘geniosity’. At least my best friend wouldn’t act like I’ve got a contagious disease. At least I wouldn’t be a freak . . .
    Still want to know more? Take a peek into this secret diary to find out what happens when an ordinary boy suddenly becomes the World’s Worst Genius.”

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  • If you’re new to writing prompts, indulge in all the different ways you can kick-start the creator inside of you. If you’re a veteran of writing prompts from the Internet or newspapers, you will find comfort in familiar formats, but also challenge yourself with ones you’ve never seen before and discover interests and abilities that you didn’t even know you had.
    From casual flash fiction authors and scriptwriters to non-fictioneers and branding executives, this book will set your creativity on fire. Be a story alchemist. Transform your writing. And above all else, have fun doing it!

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  • In Suki, fabulist Suniti Namjoshi weaves a delightful tapestry from threads of longing, loss, memory, metaphor, and contemplation. The whole picture is a stunning evocation of the love and friendship shared between S and her Super Cat, Suki, a lilac Burmese. Suki suggests that she could be a goddess, and S her high priestess. S declines, but as they discuss the merits of vegetarianism, or the meaning of happiness, or morality, or just daily life, it soon becomes clear that the bond between them is a deep and complex one. The days of Suki’s life are figured as leaves, which fall vividly but irrevocably into time’s stream and are recollected with a wild tenderness by grieving S, who learns through the disciplines of meditation how to lose what is most loved.
    This beautiful narrative, both memoir and elegy, offers solace and celebration to everyone who has felt the trust that passes between a person and a beloved creature.

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  • This is a fantastic new science book, explaining chemistry in an informal, fun and informative way. Written in a conversational style, this book offers children an approachable source of information on key subjects such as the periodic table, atom structure and radiation. Chemistry is brought home to the reader as the book describes the chemistry of everyday life – from the chemical processes that break down food while eating to the atmosphere. Complicated topics are kept fun with a variety of devices including comic strips, fact boxes and ‘nerdy notes’ – post-it notes with handy mnemonics written on them. Simple, fun experiments give children working examples to learn from.

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  • This volume is a detailed and sensitive guide to male puberty. It tackles key subjects from the physical changes that occur at this time to the emotional upheaval this can cause.

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