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  • Geronimo Stilton Mini Mystery#02: The Lake Monster

    A mysterious monster has been sighted in a lake on mouse island. I knew was just the rodent to investigate! But when I travelled to lake with my family to try to photograph the monster everything started to go wrong. Could I figure out this creatures secret? Mouldy mozarrella, it was an adventure.

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  • Geronimo Stilton - Micekings#07 The Dragon Crown

    Geronimo’s cousin Trap has been captured by Gobbler the Putrid, the king of the dragons! If Geronimo can deliver the Crown of the Seven Rubies, Gobler will release Trap. Can Geronimo return the crown safely?

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  • Geronimo Stilton - Heromice#05 Invisible Thief

    The jewelers of Muskrat City are in trouble. A thief has been stealing precious diamonds and the thief is invisible! Can the Heromice protect Duchess Marilyn Mousekovia and her precious gemstone during her visit to Muskrat City? And more importantly, will they catch the elusive Invisible Thief?

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  • Geronimo Stilton - Cavemice#08 Surfing For Secrets

    A mysterious rodent has been shipwrecked on Mouse Island. He’s a prehistoric pirate, and he’s searching for a lost Stone Age treasure! Geronimo Stiltonoot and his family volunteer to help him on his dangerous hunt. Petrified cheese! Can they find the treasure without going extinct on the way?

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  • Thea Stilton#11 Thea Stilton And The Blue Scarab Hunt (Rev)

    In this book, the Thea sisters travel to Egypt to take part in a fabumouse archaeological excavation. The Thea sisters consist of Nicky, Colette, Pamela, Paulina and Violet. The five of them are helping those who invited them into Egypt with finding the legendary Treasure of the Sun. Their aim is to find the precious blue stone scarab while excavating. They enthusiastically look to find and uncover the past. In the meanwhile, they find out that there are thieves in Egypt looking to steal the treasure. Will the Thea sisters be able to stop the thieves. The story includes an illustrated map of Luxor, Egypt, that children will love. The book also includes information about ancient Egypt.

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  • Geronimo Stilton Se: The Journey Through Time#02 - Back In Time

    Imagine my surprise when I, Geronimo Stilton, was offered the chance to travel back in time again! Professor Paws von Volt entrusted me to lead my family on a secret journey in his new time machine. This voyage took us to ancient Rome, to the great Maya Empire, and to the Palace of Versailles during the age of the Sun King! Along the way I competed in a scary chariot race, saved some mouselings from a hungry jaguar, and was forced to organize a huge party for the king who had everything. What a wild trip through history!

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  • Creepella Von Cacklefur#04 Return Of The Vampire

    Breakout star Creepella von Cacklefur is back in another fur-raising adventure! A mysterious old friend of Grandpa Frankenstein shows up one night on the doorstep of Cacklefur Castle. He’s a vampire and he needs the von Cacklefur family’s help. His ancient castle has been infested by strange and troublesome monsters and ghosts and he’s afraid he’ll have to move out because of them! Yikes! It’s up to Creepella and her family and friends to help this vampire save his home.

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  • Geronimo Stilton - Spacemice#07 Beware! Space Junk!

    Mouse star 1 is surrounded by floating space junk! It’s yucky and dangerous. It’s coming from a nearby planet, Cleanix. Geronimo Stiltonix goes to visit and discovers that the aliens there are very wasteful. Even worse, robots that they’ve thrown in the trash have started to rebel! Can the spacemice restore harmony before the robots take over?

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  • captain-underpants-11-captain-underpant-and-the-tyrannical-retaliation-of-the-turbo-toilet-2000

    When the Incredible Robo-Plunger defeated the evil Turbo Toilet 2000, George and Harold thought their toilet troubles were over. Unfortunately, their porcelain problems were only beginning . . . Just when you thought it was safe to flush . . .The Turbo Toilet 2000 strikes back! The carnivorous commode known for devouring everything in its path has built up a real appetite . . . for REVENGE! Join Captain Underpants for another epic showdown of Wedgie Power vs. Potty Power as our tighty-whitey-wearing superhero GOES TO ELEVEN!

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  • Geronimo Stilton Se: The Hunt For The Colosseum Ghost

    The Colosseum is being haunted by a gladiator ghost. None of the tourists want to visit anymore Geronimo must solve the mystery and rid the site of its ghost. Can Geronimo clear his name and catch the real thief before it’s too late?

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  • Geronimo Stilton #29 Down And Out Down Under

    G ‘day-mate! I was off on a fabulous adventure-to Australia! But between surfing with sharks-being chased by poisonous snakes and getting lost in the outback I was beginning to wonder if this trip Down Under was really a good idea. Kangaroos and koalas and crocs-oh my! Would I ever see New Mouse City again?

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  • Thea Stilton#12 Thea Stilton And The Princes Emerald

    Geronimo’s sister Thea Stilton narrates this tale packed with action, mystery and friendship! When the Thea Sisters’ friend Ashvin is in trouble, they rush to his aid. In India! Ashvin has been bringing the monkeys that live in the big city back to their natural jungle environment, but the monkeys have suddenly started stealing jewels! Someone must be behind this terrible theft. Can the Thea Sisters solve the mystery?

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  • Geronimo Stilton Classic Tales: Treasure Island

    Robert Louis Stevensonís classic novel Treasure Island gets adapted into a telling tale in this book by Geronimo Stilton. The aim behind this beautifully illustrated book is to enable the pre-school readers get into an habit of reading as well as get a peep into the worlds best literature. The young readers are, therefore, exposed into the world of literature and exquisite tales in the most fun-filled way and they are able to learn proper English alongside reading being taken up as good entertainment. Published by Scholastic Corporation, this book was published on the New Yearís Day of 2016. About the author: Geronimo Stilton is the bestselling series for children by Edizioni Piemme, Milan, Italy. The English version of the books was published by Scholastic Corporation. Geronimo Stilton is the title character of the book on whose pseudonym the books are published. This idea was originally developed by Elisabetta Dami, an Italian fiction writer.

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  • Geronimo Stilton - Spacemice#05 Rescue Rebellion

    In this new adventure, Geronimo Stilton goes outer space to safeguard the inhabitants of another planet against an approaching danger. Geronimo Stilton, in this cosmically spin-off tale, and his crew head towards Jurassix planet to warn its inhabitants against a gigantic comet heading towards it. However, things turn topsy-turvy when the inhabitants of the planet turn out to be dinosaur-like ferocious beasts who love to feed on rodents! Will Stilton be able to make the beasts understand their impending danger and yet escape with his own life? Designed for toddlers and young kids, this book is available in hardcover edition. About the Author: Geronimo Stilton: Geronimo Stilton is the bestselling series for children by Edizioni Piemme, Milan, Italy. The English version of the books was published by Scholastic Corporation. Geronimo Stilton is the title character of the book on whose pseudonym the books are published. This idea was originally developed by Elisabetta Dami.

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  • Geronimo Stilton - Heromice#02 Robot Attack

    “Heromice #2: Robot Attack is an amazing book written by author Elisabetta Dami but she credit the hero mouse Geronimo for her stories. Geronimo Stilton is famous as a great fantasy story teller and favorites of youngsters. The book will fully amuse your kids for sure by its beautiful description. The story starts from the scene that Muskrat City has been struck by a giant blackout and this was so dark that you can’t even see whisker. Meanwhile, jewellery stores this city were robbed by a group of terrorist robots. The story is all about the Geronimo superstition and the heroism and unveiling certain from the fact that who is really behind the attack. Will our heroes be able to solve the mystery? To know more about the story, purchase this book from Amazon India. About the Author Geronimo Stilton is recognized as the true writer of the series who lives in New Mouse City. He was a journalist and editor in Rodentís Gazette. He is a great story teller and popular among the readers. After releasing the first story of this series, his book is recognized as one of the best seller during that time. The story is written specially for pre-teens and those persons who loves fantasy world. So this book not only provides knowledge but also entertain you completely.

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  • geronimo-stilton-42-the-peculiar-pumpkin-thief

    Moldy mozzarella! It was only a few days before Halloween when all of the pumpkins in New Mouse City disappeared. A thief was on the loose and there was only one person I could count on to help me solve this peculiar mystery, my detective friend Hercule Poirat, but would we able to figure out what was going on in time to save Halloween?

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  • geronimo-stilton-45-save-the-white-whale

    In each Geronimo Stilton book, another funny, cheesy adventure is always right around the corner!
    Holey cheese, did I need a vacation! I had been working my tail off at The Rodent’s Gazette, so when Petunia Pretty Paws invited me to visit Whale Bay with her, of course I said yes. But our trip got off on the wrong paw, and my relaxing vacation turned into a real nightmare. That is, until Petunia and I came across a great white whale that needed our help. This would be one adventure I’d never forget!

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  • Captain Underpants #8 And The Preposterous Plight Of The Purple Potty People (Colour Edition)

    Have George and Harold completely lost their minds? Their time-travelling purple potty has landed them in a crazy place where the teachers are always nice, the cafeteria serves delicious food and the school principal, Mr. Krupp actually thinks they’re funny. Something is very wrong and it gets even wronger when the boys pet pterodactyl-Crackers and Sulu the Bionic Hamster are kidnapped by George and Harold’s evil twin look-alikes. Now George and Harold must face their cleverest enemies yet: Themselves! Could this be another job for the amazing Captain Underpants?

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  • Geronimo Stilton - Cavemice#04 The Fast And The Frozen

    Cavemice: The Fast and the Frozen (Geronimo Cavemice), from best-selling author Elisabetta Dami is a thrilling journey of Geronimo Stiltonoot, the ancestor of Geronimo. This story gives the history of the mouse-city, in the time when Geronimo Stiltonoot was working as a journalist. The story goes back to the stone-age when dinosaurs existed and the rodents used stone objects and hence, Stiltonoot published a stone newspaper.Stiltonootís life was full of events like running from the dinosaurs, saving the people from the attacks of meteors, and many more action-filled sequences, until one fine day he received a news about a rodentís having seen a moving mountain while he was on his journey to some city. Nobody was ready to believe this news of a moving ice mountain, but Stiltonoot decided to find out the mystery behind the reason for the mountain moving. What comes out to be the story behind the moving mountain, what are the secrets hidden inside it, and how Stiltonoot plans to save himself after he has unlocked the hidden secrets forms the second half of the book.This book contains illustrated, colourful characters and an entertaining, adventurous storyline. Cavemice: The Fast And The Frozen (Geronimo Cavemice) was published by Scholastic in 2014 in paperback.

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  • Thea Stilton Mouseford Academy#05 The Secret Invention

    Welcome to the world of the Thea Sisters! The amazing and exciting series – Mouseford Academy are back with new and exciting adventures. With easy to read text, high interest content, fast-paced plots and illustrations on every page will draw kids right into the funny land of Mouseford. There is going to be a musical in Mouseford and the students cannot stop squeaking about it. Read more about their adventures in the upcoming series of Mouseford Academy.

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