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  • geronimo-stilton-68-cyber-thief-showdown

    I am not the kind of mouse who spends money on useless things. But one day I kept getting packages of things I did not order or need. Someone on the Internet had stolen my identity! Professor Margo Bitmouse, a well-known computer expert, helped me track down the hacker. Could I find the thief before my reputation was ruined?

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  • Thea Stilton Se: The Cloud Castle

    The Thea Sisters, who run a top secret research facility receive an urgent call from their pal Will Mystery. Will shares information about a secret mission and informs them about the magical Land of Clouds. Clouds are disappearing and the mouselets are out to solve the mystery? Amidst the clouds stands an enchanted world of mythical creature and beautiful fairies. Queen Nephele rules the Cloud Kingdom and she is worried about the clouds being stolen. Help is in its way. Where will the investigation and clues take Thea sisters? Majestic Cloud Castle, elves, fairies, unicorns and an incredible journey to Cloud kingdom. Adventure awaits with Thea Stilton: The Cloud Castle book. This book is available in Amazon India. About the author: Originally authored by Elisabetta Dami but she has credited the main character Thea Stilton with the story. The book is published under the name of Geronimo Stilton. Geronimo Stilton is recognized as the true writer of the series who lives in New Mouse City. He is a journalist and editor in Rodentís Gazette. Great story teller, Geronimo is popular among all his readers. After release of the first story of the series, his book bagged recognition as one of the best seller of the era. Geronimo stories are written specially for pre-teens and those who love to live in fantasy world.

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  • Geronimo Stilton - Cavemice#09 Get The Scoop, Geronimo!

    Sally Rockmousen, host of Old Mouse Cityís Gossip Radio show and Geronimo Stiltonootís rival, challenges Geronimo to a hunt for news. Theyíre competing for journalismís most coveted prize in prehistory! Just as Sally is on the verge of victory, Geronimo uncovers a shocking scoop. But is he in time to win?

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  • Geronimo Stilton Se: The Journey Through Time#06 - The Test Of Time

    Geronimo travels through time once again to return tops the Triceratops, Helen of Troy, Attila the hun, Charlemagne and Christopher Columbus to their proper time periods. But Geronimo and his friends aren’t sure Professor von volt’s new machine works perfectly. Will they make it back.

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  • Geronimo Stilton - Cavemice#07 I M A Scaredy-Mouse!

    Geronimo Stilton and his family save a young dinosaur from the river. The dinosaur and Benjamin quickly become good friends. But it turns out that the dino has tremendous talent for mischief! Can Geronimo get him back to his herd before he causes a megalithic disaster?

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  • Thea Stilton #30: Black Forest Burglary

    Join Thea Stilton and the Thea Sisters on an adventure packed with mystery and friendship!

    The Thea Sisters are invited to the Festival of Time in Germany! They arrive in the Black Forest and find that a famouse clock has been stolen. The mouselets are on the case. Can they find the thief and return the clock before time runs out?

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  • Geronimo Stilton Classic Tales #6: Moby Dick

    Young Ishmael is in search of adventure! He boards the Pequod, a whaling ship commanded by a strange man named Captain Ahab. Ishmael and the crew must help Captain Ahab find the great white whale, Moby Dick. Join them on this mouserific adventure on the sea.

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  • Geronimo Stilton - Micekings#06 The Helmet Holdup

    Oh, no. One of the special mice king helmets in mice king leader Sven the Shouter’s private collection has been stolen. Could it have been taken by the vile kings the rival mouse clan? the mice kings journey to the vile kings’ village to find out and while they’re there, the dragons attack. Can all the mice work together to save their fur?

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  • Geronimo Stilton Classic Tales #7: The Secret Garden

    Geronimo Stiltonís fabumouse adaptation of the classic novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett

    When young Mary loses her parents, she is sent to live with her uncle in Misselthwaite. His house is very sad and gloomy, but soon Mary discovers a forgotten garden. It has long been kept a secret, and Mary canít wait to plant newflowers and bring it back to life again. Join her on this adventure into the secret garden!

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  • Geronimo Stilton The Kingdom Of Fantasy#05 The Volcano Of Fire

    This is an autobiographical adventure which rotates around Geronimoís life. The Volcano of Fire is Geronimo Stiltonís fifth trip to the world of fantasy. As always Geronimo is always ready to help others even though he wants to lead a peaceful life and the result takes him to the most adventurous trips. The elves had called him and Geronimo was surprised to find him in the world of fantasy for the fifth time. The volcano of fire had been strangely re-awakened and the princess of fairies had been kidnapped. Geronimo and his team were all set to go out on their new mission of freeing the princess and saving the kingdom. The book comes in a hard cover and is easily available on Amazon.in. About the Author Geronimo Stilton is the best-selling childrenís book series published by Edizioni Piemme of Milan, Italy since 2000. Scholastic Corporationhas published the English version of the series since February 2004. Although the series credits its title character as the author, the idea was originally thought of by ElisabettaDami. The copyright was issued to a pseudonym “Geronimo Stilton”. The books are planned for readers in the 6Ė12-year-old age range. Geronimo Stilton is the publisher of The Rodent’s Gazette, Mouse Island’s most famous newspaper. He lives in New Mouse City, Mouse Island. Mr. Stilton enjoys collecting antique cheese rinds, playing golf and telling stories to his nephew Benjamin.

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  • Geronimo Stilton Journey Through Time #7: Time Warp

    A thrilling quest through the past with Geronimo Stilton and his friends.

    Geronimo travels back in time once more! In this book he visits Plato in ancient Greece, the mythical Atlantis, and Stonehenge!

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  • Geronimo Stilton The Kingdom Of Fantasy Se: The Phoenix Of Destiny

    Geronimo Stilton and the Kingdom of Fantasy: Special Edition: The Phoenix of Destiny This book is a part of the well-known children’s book series “Geronimo Stilton”. Geronimo Stilton is the protagonist of the book and he is a mouse. The entire story is told through his point of view. He lives on Mouse Island with his sister and nephew. In this particular book, Geronimo talks about returning to the kingdom of fantasy with the help of Phoenix of destiny. He meets some friends-Blossom and Queen of the fairies. Blossom is up to something. She sends him on a magical quest. Oblivious of what the quest really has in store, Stilton goes to a mystical land where his mission turns out to be a dangerous one. This story puts Stilton through different puzzles and mysteries and his friends who are trying to break out of this mystery land by putting the pieces together face similar situations. Will they be able to come out victorious or is it going to lead them to horrible consequences? Did Stilton made a mistake by agreeing to go on this quest? Why did Blossom send him here? Find out all the answers on this captivating journey with Geronimo Stilton. These books have been written in a way that they look like autobiographies of Stilton, but they have actually been written by Elisabeta Dami. This series well-known and is loved by children between the ages of 6-12. Those kids who love to read fantasy and magical stories, they will be quite interested in this book and series. A journalist mouse who writes for a newspaper named The Rodent Gazette is a funny yet intriguing read for many kids around the world. The book and its entire series has been translated in over 35 languages. This series is published by Edizioni Piemme of Milan, Italy. About the Author Elisabeta Dami is an Italian author who writes books for children. She was born in Milan in 1958. She has written the entire series of Geronimo Stilton and its spinoff series Thea stilton. While she has done other significant writing work as well, this series remains her most sought after and acclaimed writing till date. More than 100 million copies of these stories have been sold in over 40 different languages since 2000. She has authored over 100 books till date.

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  • Thea Stilton Se: The Treasure Of The Sea

    Thea Stilton and the Thea Sisters are needed to help Aquamarina, the magical land of the ocean! The enchanted Music of the Sea has stopped playing and no one knows why. If it doesn’t return soon, the realm will perish!The mouselet sand their friend Will Mystery travel to the underwater world to find the magical music. On their mission, they swim through dangerous waters, encounter strange and fantastical creatures and even reveal an ancient mystery. It’s a mousetastic aquatic adventure!

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  • Geronimo Stilton - Micekings#04 Stay Strong, Geronimo!

    Geronimo Stiltonordhas been selected to judge the Shield MouseletMega Challenge, a competition of female micekingwarriors. But all the contestants are so good, it’s impossible to choose just one winner! Even worse, since everyone is distracted by the challenge, the dragons launch a surprise attack! Will the micekingsbe able to defend their home?

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  • Geronimo Stilton Se: A Christmas Tale

    Celebrate the holidays in style mouse-style, that is! Join Geronimo for his first-ever special edition. It was Christmas time on Mouse Island and I couldn’t wait to celebrate with my friends and family. But then I discovered that they were all traveling out of town for the holidays and I’d be spending Christmas alone! I was starting to feel like a real Grinch. Would this be my loneliest Christmas ever?

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  • Thea Stilton#25 Thea Stilton And The Frozen Fiasco

    One of the Thea Sisters’ favorite authors, a famous mystery writer, has disappeared! To find him, the five mice travel to his native Iceland. Together they traverse the stunning landscape and reconstruct the plot of the author’s latest novel. But it’s more dangerous than they expected! Can the mouselets locate their beloved author, or will their search just end up as an icy mess?Thea Sisters: One of the leading girl-oriented properties in the childrenís market! 40+ titles available Over 19 million copies sold worldwide! Translated into 20 languages

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  • Geronimo Stilton - Spacemice#08 Away In A Star Sled

    Each year in the cosmos, on the Night of Dancing Stars, the Elfixaliens distribute gifts to all the creatures of the galaxy. But this year, the holiday is fast approaching and the spacemice discover that the Elfixhave all disappeared! Can Geronimo Stiltonixand his crew find them before their special night?

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  • Geronimo Stilton The Kingdom Of Fantasy#11: The Guardian Of The Realmfantasy

    During Geronimo’s training on the Balanced Path, he learned that Queen Blossom has had a baby! the Kingdom of Fantasy had a new princess named Winglet!But just after she was born, the princess was kidnapped from her crib in the castle. Geronimo traveled to the castle to help figure out who took Princess Winglet and return her to her loving parents as quickly as possible. Would his training be enough to get him up to the task?

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  • Geronimo Stilton - Micekings#05 The Mysterious Message

    The micekings have received a mysterious message in a bottle. Unfortunately, most of it has been damaged by water — but Geronimo can tell it’s from the Oofa Oofas, the laziest rodents in the ancient far north. The micekings set sail to Oofadale, in case the Oofa Oofas are in trouble. But on their way, the dragons attack. Fjords and fiddlesticks, what an adventure.

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  • geronimo-stilton-36-geronimos-valentine

    I’ll admit it, I’m a bit of a cheesy mouse. What can I say? I’m a romantic! That’s why I love Valentine’s Day. This year I had a date with a very special rodent Petunia Pretty Paws! But then my private investigator friend, Hercule Poirat, called. He needed my help solving a mystery. Now I had to help Hercule and impress Petunia at the same time. Holey cheese, what was a gentle-mouse to do?

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