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  • Puja smiles and smiles, and does not speak. She spends all her time with the foal, Takbak. But Takbak is going to be sold! What will Pooja do without her best friend?

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  • Charlie McGuffin is closer than ever to being able to control his crazy ability to turn into animals, but there are some things he can’t control, like the arguments his parents keep having (which are making him more worried than ever) or the spate of mysterious animal disappearances spreading through town (which seem somehow to be connected to Charlie himself) or the fact that he doesn’t have a date for the school dance (which is coming up fast). With the support of best friends Flora, Mohsen and Wogan, can Charlie unravel the mystery of the pet-nappings in time to shake a tail-feather at the disco? Or will his hidden adversary reveal Charlie’s biggest secret to the world…?

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  • This is a fantastic treasury of stories from around the world, retold for young children. It contains five traditional tales with illustrations from the “Usborne Young Reading Programme”: “Aladdin and his Magical Lamp” (Persia), “Brer Rabbit Down the Well” (United States), “How Zebras Got their Stripes” (Africa), “Why the Sea is Salty” (Korea) and “The Dragon Painter” (China). Each story is beautifully illustrated and perfect for either reading aloud or for more confident readers to tackle alon

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  • This is a new edition of this detailed introduction to the most famous gods and goddesses in Greek mythology and their exploits. Fully illustrated throughout, this title helps the reader to understand the stories of the Greek gods and the way in which they were worshipped. A full index and ‘Who’s Who’ section at the back of this book make it a must for those studying mythology or researching for a project.

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  • BARK and HOWL are two puppies, born on the London underground
    SHEBA is an elderly one-eared cat
    When the Blitz begins, how will they survive?

    It’s the start of the Second World War and Bark and Howl are lost in the dark maze of tunnels under London.

    With Sheba’s help, they learn how to survive. But when the bombs begin to fall, the puppies become separated.

    As the attacks continue, Bark and Howl are frightened, but they know the tunnels so well – they’re the only ones who can lead hundreds of trapped people out of danger. Will Bark and Howl find each other – and be victorious in leading Londoners to safety?

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  • Winston and the Marmalade Cat is the first in a brand-new series from award-winning author Megan Rix! Full of adventure, fascinating history and super-cute animals, this series is perfect for 6-8 year old readers and fans of Dick King-Smith and Michael Morpurgo.

    Nine-year-old Harry is desperate for a pet of his own but working at the local animal rescue centre is the next best thing. One day, he’s asked to take a very special birthday present to Chartwell, home of the famous Prime-Minister and animal-lover Winston Churchill. During his visit, Harry learns all about Winston’s past and his much-loved pets. Will Harry get to meet Winston Churchill and will he ever get a pet of his very own?

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  • Meet the leader of the Suffragettes, Emmeline Pankhurst, and a particularly plucky pup, during a momentous time in history!

    Alfie can’t believe his luck when he is allowed to keep a tiny puppy he finds abandoned on the street. Rascal is cute as a button and has lots of attitude, and Emmeline Pankhurst is thrilled that her ward Alfie has a new friend. Alfie and Rascal deliver messages between the Suffragettes as they organise their ‘Votes for Women’ campaign. But it’s sometimes dangerous work, and it’s not long before Alfie and Rascal find out the true cost of the fight.

    Full of adventure, fascinating history and lovely animals, this is the perfect read for young fans of Dick King-Smith and Michael Morpurgo.

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  • When night falls Cat Country comes to life. Carbonel, the King of Cats, and Queen Blandamour have long reigned supreme, but the wicked grey Persian cat Grisana and her cronies have plans to take the throne. Carbonel turns to his young friends Rosemary and John for help and together with some magic spells, they battle for the future of Cat Country – but only the strongest magic will prevail.

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  • ‘The modern masterpiece’ – Daily Telegraph

    When dad’s business takes a sudden turn for the worse, the McGuffin family face the terrible prospect of having to sell their house and move in with Aunt Brenda and her seventeen cats (and wooden leg).

    Only Charlie and best friends Flora, Mohsen and Wogan can save the day. If they can break into the fortress-like offices of Van Der Gruyne Industries and recover the McGuffins’ stolen gold, maybe Charlie won’t have to move away after all.

    Trouble is, the pressure is getting to Charlie, making it harder for him to control when he changes into an animal – and harder still to change back. Can Charlie’s friends help him master his powers once and for all, or will he end up stuck as a pigeon forever . . . ?

    The second book in this middle grade series perfect for David Walliams fans is a hilarious blend of humour and heart, brilliantly illustrated by Sarah Horne.

    ‘So good you’ll cluck with laughter’ – Pamela Butchart

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  • Charlie McGuffin has an incredible secret…

    He can change into animals. All sorts of animals, in fact: a flea, a pigeon, even a rhino.

    Trouble is, it only happens when he gets worried, and right now, Charlie has quite a lot to worry about:

    His brother (who’s in hospital)
    His parents (who are panicking)
    And the school bully (who has Charlie in his sights)

    With the help of his three best friends, Charlie needs to find a way to deal with his crazy new power – and fast.

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  • Harry isn’t very pleased when he inherits a parrot from Great-Uncle George, but Maddison is no ordinary parrot. Not only can he talk, but you can have conversations with him and he and Harry quickly become great friends – but then Maddison is stolen … Will he and Harry ever be reunited?

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  • BATPANTS the orang-utan is completely, wildly HAIRY. She loves swinging through trees, and apple crumble and roast chicken. But most of all she loves her family, the Loveharts, and all their madcap adventures.

    Mrs Lovehart is a stuntwoman and so the whole family is off to watch her in action in her latest film. But someone on set has an eeeevil plan and things could turn nasty – will it be Batpants to the rescue?

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    When the Lovehart family receive a MEGA-MASSIVE delivery, there’s only one thing it can be. An elephant of course!

    A gentle giant named Fudge has come to live with them – he can be a friend for their pet orang-utan, Batpants. But then Fudge mysteriously vanishes . . . he’s been elephant-napped, for a ransom of TWO MILLION pounds!

    Who can save twinkle-toes Fudge? Never fear – Batpants is on the trail!

    Hoo hooo hooooo ha ha ha ha ha!

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  • Author : Various

    Binding : Paperback

    Age : 6 to 10

    Publisher : Red Panda

    Date : 17th August 2020

    Language : English

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