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Folk Tales

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  • 365 Folk Tales

    A collection of 365 beautifully illustrated stories this book will take children on a journey across regions and cultures, entertaining and enthralling them as they read tales from diverse storytelling traditions. This special, a-story-a-day volume is an ideal gift for imaginative young minds.

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  • 365 Moral Stories

    Stories don’t just transport us into a world of imagination; they teach us good morals too. 345 Moral Stories bring forth a special story for each day of the year and a lesson to learn with it. Immerse yourself into the wonderful world of stories and learn a new moral each day! After 365 stories, you’re bound to learn a lot!
    Let the reading- and the learning -begin!

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  • 365 Adventure Stories

    Do you dream of slaying monsters, finding buried treasure and hanging out with pirates? If you do, this book is perfect for you. Take a swig of courage, get your sword and shield ready and brush up on your map-reading skills. You’re about to embark on a new adventure and fight against new villains with every story. Hurry, don’t waste time! Start reading and let your adventures begin.

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  • 365 Bedtime Stories

    Bedtime will now be a time of magical fairies. mischievous elves, wicked witches and talking animals! Enter a wondrous land of fantasy and fun with this amazing collection of 365 Bedtime Stories.

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  • 365 Stories from Around the World

    Do you often catch yourself daydreaming about what it would be like to live in a foreign land or in another era? If you have, this is the perfect book for you-right from the barren sands of Arabia to the icy cold polar regions of Antarctica- there’s a story here from everywhere for everyone! Go on, open this book and travel all over the world without getting off your couch!

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  • 365 Bible Stories

    This is a richly illustrated book, with a collection of 365 bible stories, selected from the Old & New Testament. Starting right fromm the Creation of the world till the Revelation by Christ, the text is retold in simple words that would help a child gain better understanding of the stories and in turn help him imbibe the true essence of the bible With stories about miracles performed by God and Jesus Christ, 365 Bible Stories teaches kids about the importance of good behaviour and imparts wisdom.

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  • 365 Jataka Tales

    The beautiful illustrated ‘365 Jataka Tales’ impart ancient Buddhist wisdom and moral guidance in an easy and entertaining manner. These stories of the Bodhisattva, or Buddha-to-be, are tales from the previous lives of Buddha, where born as animal or human, he had to experience many a moral and ethical dilemma before attaining enlightenment. This book is the ideal gift for children, encouraging a more wholesome, positive and responsible outlook to life.

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  • 365 Stories for Boys

    A storehouse of stories for young boys, 35 Stories for Boys is a treasury of stories guaranteed to delight and entertain young minds. Enjoy reading one story a day, and see your favourite heroes illustrated in various different styles. A beautiful hardback book worth keeping in your library.

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  • 365 Stories for Girls

    A treasury of stories for young girls, this collection is guaranteed to delight and entertain young minds. Enjoy reading one story a day, and see your favourite fairies, princes, princesses and knights come alive in the wonderful illustrations A beautiful hardback book worth keeping in your library.

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  • 365 Fairy Tales

    A classic collection of 365 fairy tales about princesses and fairies, castles and knights, talking animals and mischievous elves – enter a wondrous land of magic and fantasy. A delightful new story every day for the whole year!

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  • 365 Animal Tales

    A fascinating little story for every day of the year! Read about all kinds of animals – lions, horses, jackals, bears, monkeys, rabbits and even tiny honey bees and ants. These delightful ales of animals and their friends for an enjoyable story reading session.

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  • 365 Science Experiments

    Science was never So much fun! Does the inner scientist in you dream of experimenting day and night? We’ve got the perfect solution for you! 365 Science Experiments brings to you a massive list of experiments that will quench your scientific thirst and bring out the little Einstein in you. Be it explosions, goo-making, magnetic and light experiments or simple colour mixing, we’ve got it all gathered in one huge book. Go on, browse through the book and start experimenting!

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  • 365 Unsolved Mysteries

    We live in a mystifying world. No wonder, many archaeological or scientific mysteries still remain unanswered. Some bizarre, notorious, and unsolved crimes of all time have puzzled detectives for decades. Lives of some famous personalities stay enveloped in ambiguity. Many startling aspects about the human body remain unknown. Mother Earth with her splendour leaves us awestruck as some natural phenomenon can’t be explained. There is no dearth of accounts of all kinds that will surprise and shock you. Read 365 Unsolved Mysteries to know more.

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  • 101 Panchatantra Stories

    The Panchatantra is a collection of short stories from India, written
    more than 5000 years ago! This is a collection of stories from that
    legendary collection. The stories inculcate moral values in children
    in a subtle and fun manner. Enjoy the stories, where plants and
    animals can converse with human beings too!

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  • 101 Ghost Stories

    Do you believe in ghosts? Well, you will once you flip through the pages of this hair-raising and spine-chilling book. The witches and the ghosts are just a few friends who have come together to give you sleepless nights.Witness them and many more such spirits through the collection of these thrilling 101 stories.Let your imagination run
    wild and you’ll surely enjoy these exciting tales about people coming back from the dead, kind ghosts helping out others in need and timid ghosts who are scared of humans!But remember to close those windows at night or else who knows which ghost might pop in for
    a surprise visit!

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  • 101 Buddhist Stories

    These Buddhist parables, tell tales of Buddha in his previous lives, when he was called the Bodhisattva or Buddha-to-be. His incarnations included animals as well as humans. These stories reflect the travails and experiences that Buddha had to go through to attain enlightenment. The stories carry deeply profound esoteric messages. The evocative illustrations compliment the lucid text, making the book a must-have in any library.

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  • 101 Farm Animal Tales

    Frolicking sheep, bounding dogs, stubborn mules and cuddly cows—stories of all kinds of farm animals are sure to delight young readers in this brilliantly illustrated book. The special hardbound edition makes the perfect gift and will be a great addition to a child’s personal library.

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  • 101 Wonders of the World

    Various lists of the Wonders of the World have been compiled over the years to catalogue the most spectacular man-made constructions
    and natural things in the world.The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World is the first known list of the most remarkable man-made creations of classical antiquity, and was based on guide-books popular among Hellenic sight-seers. The number seven was chosen, as the Greeks believed that it represented perfection. Many similar lists have been made,including lists for the Medieval World and the Modern World.

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  • 101 Jungle Stories

    “101 Jungle Stories Are all about animals and their antics.
    There are shrewd sharks, bossy buffaloes, talkative tortoises, daring
    deer, clever cats, rowdy rats and… many more playful animals to
    entertain the young readers. The stories tell you how to live together
    peacefully, while having a good time! The lively illustrations add to
    the excitement of the stories. A great book to add to your collection.”

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  • 101 Good Night Stories

    On all little ones. Walking through Sleeping Beauty sleep kingdom, dancing with Cinderella at the royal ball, or sharing Ali Baba’s fortunes—there is so much to enjoy. So grab your copy. It’s time to dream of magical fairies, wicked witches, playful elves and talking animals.

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