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    GUIDE TO MINECRAFT DUNGEONS is a companion to the game, created especially for heroes who intend to vanquish the Arch-Illager and his evil illager minions. It contains:

    – strategy tips for all the malicious mobs you’ll need to defeat

    – hints about where to look for helpful items and treasure

    – an in-depth look at each unique dungeon environment and what you’ll find there

    – combo ideas for weapons, armour and artefacts to suit different play styles

    – insider info from the team who created Dungeons

    Minecraft Dungeons is an all-new action adventure game, inspired by the classic dungeon crawlers. It’s coming to PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass in spring 2020. Up to four players can team up and fight together in local and online co-op modes.

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  • Minecraft Guide to Survival

    Minecraft Guide to Survival – an updated edition of Guide to Exploration – teaches you everything you need to know to stay alive in the Overworld.

    The world of Minecraft is waiting to be explored. But danger lurks around every corner and survival can prove difficult for even the bravest adventurer.

    The official Minecraft Guide to Survival will help you to stay alive. Learn how to find resources, craft equipment and protect yourself from hostile mobs.

    With insider info and tips from the experts at Mojang, this is the definitive guide to survival for new Minecrafters.

    Collect all of the official Minecraft books to become the best Minecrafter you can be:

    Minecraft Maps: 9781405294546

    Minecraft Let’s Build! Land of Zombies: 9781405294539

    Minecraft Let’s Build! Theme Park Adventure: 9781405293075

    Minecraft Guide to Creative: 9781405285988

    Minecraft Guide to Redstone: 9781405286008

    Minecraft Guide to the Nether and the End: 9781405285995

    Minecraft Guide to Enchantments and Potions: 9781405288958

    Minecraft Guide to Farming: 9781405290104

    Minecraft Blockopedia: 9781405273534

    Minecraft: Exploded Builds: Medieval Fortress: 9781405284172

    Minecraft The Survivors’ Book of Secrets: 9781405283335

    Minecraft Survival Tin: 9781405288200

    Minecraft Mobestiary: 9781405286022

    Minecraft: The Ultimate Construction Collection: 9781405291927

    Minecraft is a multi-platform block-based gaming sensation available on Xbox, PlayStation, PC and mobile devices. Whether you’re in Creative, Survival or Hardcore Mode, the official Mojang-approved Minecraft books contain all the advice you need to survive and thrive.

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  • Mermaid School

    It is Marnie Blue’s very first day at Lady Sealia Foamís Mermaid School, and she’s terrified. What if she can’t make any new friends, or if she’s asked to ride a seahorse? What’s more, her famous diva aunt Christabel was a notorious rebel at the same school, and got up to all sorts of naughtiness. Marnie is soon branded a troublemaker by her grumpy octopus music teacher and wants nothing more than to clam up.
    But when a fellow pupil finds herself in danger, it’s up to Marnie to show that daring runs in the family and swim to the rescue.

    Filled with fabulous fishy fun, Mermaid School is perfect for fans of Unicorn Academy and Dork Diaries!

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  • Mermaid School: The Clamshell Show

    Marnie Blue has settled into Lady Sealia Foamís Mermaid School and become best friends with Pearl and Orla. And now might be her chance to shine – the Clamshell Show is coming! Marnie and Orla are both auditioning for the star role, while Pearl (who is no great singer) is sticking to playing the rock tuba. But a new mermaid wins the role, and at rehearsal she’s more trouble than a tiger shark with a toothache. What’s more, Mermaid Lagoon has an unwelcome visitor dropping by. Will the show go on?

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    Discover the magical world of The Magic Faraway Tree in this beautiful paperback gift edition of The Enchanted Wood. The first book in the series and where Enid Blyton’s classic adventure begins! With stunning full-colour artwork from illustrator, Mark Beech. The perfect gift for any child.

    When Joe, Beth and Frannie move to the countryside, they discover that their new house lies next to the Enchanted Wood! And in that wood, lives the Magic Faraway Tree. This is no ordinary tree – it is home to magical lands full of elves, pixies, talking creatures and more wonderful adventures than the children ever imagined possible! They make new friends, whoosh down the amazing slippery-slip and even enjoy a fancy-dress feast in the Land Of Birthdays! Who knows what they will discover next?

    Join the children and their new friends Moon-Face, Saucepan Man and Silky the Fairy as they explore this most magical of all fairytale worlds.

    Children of 5 years old, 6 years old, 7 years old, 8 years old – or any age you can think of – will treasure this bookshelf must-have and wonderful Enid Blyton gift!

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  • Mermaid School: Ready, Steady, Swim!

    Thereís a new PE teacher at Mermaid School and heís very strict. Marnie Blue and her friends are horrified when he brings back Golden Glory sports day, with a super-tricky obstacle relay. Itís a turtle disaster! Marnie, Pearl and Orla are put into the same team and get training. But someone has a fishy plot to win all the prizes. Can Marnie stop the cheater from ruining Golden Glory Day?

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    Riley’s best friends, the Angelo sisters, are special. Sparkly, strange and full of secrets . . .

    Life at home is tricky for Riley Roberts. She misses her mum and wants to learn more about her. But Dad is as secretive as ever.

    She hopes the sisters can work their magic and help her find out the truth. But Riley is about to discover something more magical than she could have imagined – something that could bring her closer to her mum and answer her questions at last.

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    Riley’s life has changed a lot since she discovered the Angelos sister’s secret. You see her new neighbours are a little bit . . . magical. They know things that no-one else does and that’s why she thinks they can help her find out about mum.

    But just as she’s about to get some answers, mysterious events start happening at school. As things get stranger and stranger, Riley begins to suspect that they’re the only ones who can work out what or who is behind them.

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  • Clever Polly And the Stupid Wolf

    Twelve stories written for the author’s daughter, who was scared of the wolf under the bed! Drawing occasionally on well-known fairy tales, and skillfully blending fantasy and reality, these stories are bursting with humour, originality and charm. And Polly, not scared at all, outwits the wolf on each and every occasion!
    With the original illustrations by Marjorie-Ann Watts.

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  • The Worst Witch to the Rescue

    All I will say is – prepare to be astounded! Mildred Hubble has always been the worst witch at Miss Cackle’s Academy, but she just knows this term will be different. She’s done the best holiday project ever and she’s sure that her form teacher, the fearsome Miss Hardbroom, will be impressed. Even her arch-enemy, Ethel Hallow, is being friendly to her! But is it all too good to be true – will disaster strike again for the Worst Witch?

    Mildred may be the worst witch at the academy but she’s the best friend you could ever have. Millions of readers love her. And so will you . . .

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  • The Worst Witch Strikes Again

    Summer term at Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches has just begun and disaster-prone Mildred Hubble is in deep trouble again – all because of the new girl, Enid Nightshade, who isn’t nearly as placid as she looks . . .

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  • The Worst Witch Saves the Day

    Hold on to your broom for magical mayhem!
    It’s the start of a new term at Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches and Mildred Hubble is determined not to be the worst witch this year. Everything starts so well. Mildred’s class has a new form teacher – no more Miss Hardbroom for Mildred and her friends! But then the new teacher, Miss Granite, starts acting fishy; Mildred has a very bad hair day when a hair growth spell goes wrong and she has to put up with know-it-all Ethel Hallow being ‘helpful’. To top it all, her beloved cat Tabby is having a nervous breakdown and refuses to fly.

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  • The Worst Witch and The Wishing Star

    A new adventure starring the worst witch – lovable but disaster-prone Mildred Hubble.

    Mildred makes a wish on a shooting star – and to her great surprise it comes true!

    Mildred’s wish-come-true is a small dog but how can she keep him a secret from all the others, especially the formidable Miss Hardbroom?

    It’s a disaster waiting to happen…and it does! – but everything turns out for the best when Mildred and her clever dog, Star, win an indoor swimming pool for the school!

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  • The Worst Witch All at Sea

    Hold on to your broom for magical mayhem! Lovable, but disaster-prone Mildred Hubble is a trainee at Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches, but she’s making an awful mess of it. Mildred can’t bear to leave behind her beloved cat, Tabby, when the class goes for a week beside the seaside. But keeping Tabby leads Mildred into yet more trouble.

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  • A Bad Spell for the Worst Witch

    A new term spells disaster for Mildred!

    After a disastrous first year, Mildred is determined to lose her embarrassing reputation as the worst witch the Academy has ever seen – but things rapidly get out of hand when her arch-enemy Ethel turns her into a frog …

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    Class 3 are sure that something is very wrong when Mr Majeika leaves school without saying goodbye. When they find a message from him saying he’s been arrested by the Silly Crime Squad, they are determined to rescue him. To do this they must outwit Hamish Bigmore and Mr Majeika’s old enemy, Wilhelmina Worlock. They succeed and Wilhelmina is punished with a ‘spell’ on earth as a Supply Teacher!

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    Class Three has got a new computer and while exploring it, Mr Majeika manages to get the whole class trapped in the school website. Many adventures follow and Class Three meet bizarre characters before they can get out.

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    When Class Three and Mr Majeika go to the circus, it’s definitely not as fun as they imagined. Everyone’s a bit old, creaky and rubbish really! So when Mr Majeika casts a small spell to help the performers with their circus show, it’s no surprise that Billy Balance, the slack rope walker, kidnaps Mr Majeika so that Mr Majeika can magically help him everytime!

    Things get worse whilst Mr majeika is trapped when Wilhelmina Worlock takes the opportunity to turn Class Three’s classroom into a circus and the children spend all afternoon running away from lions and alligators!

    But Mr Majeika’s magic saves the day, Class Three and the circus end up on the news and once again Mr Potter, the headmaster, misses it all!

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    More amazing adventures with Mr Majeika, the ex-wizard, turned teacher, and his class at St Barty’s School. This time there’s a trip down a magic river, a battle to save St Barty’s from the wrecking ball, and work experience for Class Three.

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    I really am quite useless as a wizard.’

    But Class Three thinks Mr Majeika is an excellent wizard, particularly when his spells go wrong! First Hamish Bigmore ends up on TV, then a real giant appears in the school play. And finally Mr Majeika gets the whole class lost on a magic carpet! There’s always an adventure with Mr Majeika around…

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