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  • “School is the armpit of life,” my best friend Kenzie once told me. My School is no exception.

    A memoir, POPULAR is written by 15 year old Maya – a self-proclaimed ‘geek’ who’s baffled at her school’s Social Ladder. The jocks, the volleyball girls, the band kids, the outcasts, it felt like a jungle to her. Then Maya meets Betty – or more specifically, the 1952 edition of ‘Betty Cornell’s Guide to Teenage Popularity’ andshe embarks on a brave – and secret – social experiment.

    Maya follows Betty’s vintage wisdom – one chapter at a time (from ‘poise’ to ‘personality’ to ‘hair’ – and even her seat in the dreaded cafeteria) for each month of her school year ahead. In POPULAR, she chronicles the hilarious and poignant results – right up to the culmination of her grand experiment: prom.

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  • ON FEBRUARY 14, 2018, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, was the site of one of the worst mass shootings in American history, in which seventeen students and teachers were killed and seventeen more were injured.

    At 2:21, the shooter entered building 1200, known to students as the freshman building. The shooting lasted six minutes. He was apprehended a few hours later.

    Instead of dwelling on the pain and tragedy of that fateful day, a group of inspiring young students channeled their feelings of hurt, rage, and sorrow into action, and went on to create one of the largest youth-led movements in global history. Their march on Washington, DC, attracted almost a million people and inspired more than eight hundred marches around the world. Today, they’re leading a youth voter registration and engagement campaign called Road to Change.

    This is their story.

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  • Glimmer of Hope tells the story of how a group of teenagers raced to channel their rage and sorrow into action, and went on to create one of the largest youth-led movements in global history.

    100% of the authors’ proceeds will benefit the March for Our Lives Foundation and the ongoing fight for sensible gun control legislation in the United States.

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  • This wild flower identification guide was first published in 1981 and is still widely accepted as the best of its kind for its combination of meticulous illustrations and the use of keys to aid recognition. For this new edition the Latin names have been revised in accordance with the current classification system. It is now published as the ideal book for the serious student of British and north-west European wild plants, providing a bridge between picture identification guides and the non-illustrated academic floras.

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