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  • Scorpia

    In the prequel to the number one bestselling Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz, contract killer Yassen Gregorovich is given orders to kill Alex. But Yassen knows a secret from the past that connects him to the fourteen-year-old spy. What is it that makes one of them choose to do evil, and what does it take to turn him into a killer?

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  • Point Blanc

    In the seventh book in the number one bestselling Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz, teenage spy Alex is forced into the Australian secret service. His target is the criminal underworld of South East Asia, and a ruthless organization known as the Snakehead.

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  • Placeholder

    Superb’ Daily Mail, ‘Book of the Week’

    ‘Brilliant’ The Times, ‘Book of the Week’

    ‘[A] vivid, detailed account’ Guardian, ‘Book of the Week’

    ‘Hugely enjoyable’ Daily Telegraph

    ‘Fascinating’ Spectator

    Charles Dickens was a superb public performer, a great orator and one of the most famous of the Eminent Victorians. Slight of build, with a frenzied, hyper-energetic personality, Dickens looked much older than his fifty-eight years when he died. Although he specified an unpretentious funeral, it was inevitable that crowds flocked to his open grave in Westminster Abbey. Experiencing the worst and best of life during the Victorian Age, Dickens was not merely the conduit through whom some of the most beloved characters in literature came into the world. He was one of them.

    Filled with twists, pathos and unusual characters, The Mystery of Charles Dickens looks back from the legendary writer’s death to recall the key events in his life. In doing so, A. N. Wilson seeks to understand Dickens’s creative genius and enduring popularity. Following him from cradle to grave, it becomes clear that Dickens’s fiction drew from his own experiences – a fact he acknowledged. Like Oliver Twist, Dickens suffered a wretched childhood, then grew up to become not only a respectable gentleman but an artist of prodigious popularity. Dickens knew firsthand the poverty and pain his characters endured, including the scandal of a failed marriage.

    Going beyond standard narrative biography, Wilson brilliantly revisits the wellspring of Dickens’s vast and wild imagination, revealing why his novels have such instantaneous appeal and why they continue to resonate today. He also uncovers the double standards of both the man and his times.

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  • Stormbreaker Graphic Novel

    A boy’s casual wish leads him into a dark and mysterious world in this thrilling adventure from the bestselling author of the Alex Rider series. For Tad Spencer, only son of a fabulously wealthy businessman, every day is like Christmas. Until he makes the mistake of wishing he was someone else. The next morning he wakes up as Bob Snarby, trapped in a cruel and squalid funfair world inhabited by hopeless criminals, mysterious fortune tellers and – worst of all – the murderous Finn. But he’s there for a reason, as Tad discovers when he begins to untangle a secret that will introduce him to the most unexpected enemy of all…

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  • Scorpia Graphic Novel

    A wickedly funny story by the number one bestelling author Anthony Horowitz, with brand new illustrations by Tony Ross. Sent to Groosham Grange as a last resort by his parents, David Eliot quickly discovers that his new school is a very weird place indeed. New pupils are made to sign their names in blood; the French teacher disappears every full moon; the assistant headmaster keeps something very chilling in his room… What’s the meaning of the black rings everyone wears? Where do the other pupils vanish to at night? Most important of all, how on earth can David get away – alive?

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  • The Diamond Brothers in The French Confection & The Greek Who Stole Christmas

    In the fifth book in the number one bestselling Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz, teenage spy Alex travels to Venice to discover the truth about his past. But the truth lies with a criminal organization known as Scorpia, and Alex must make a choice… work for MI6 once more, or betray everything he believes in.

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  • The Diamond Brothers in The Falcon's Malteser

    In the third book in the number one bestselling Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz, teenage spy Alex faces his most dangerous challenge yet. Teaming up with the CIA, Alex must go to a remote Caribbean island called Skeleton Key, where the insane general Sarov is hatching explosive plans to re-write history.

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  • Russian Roulette

    Create 50 fabulous outfits using the press-out patterns and designer paper and tissue, complete with accessories. Then display them in the chic fold-out studio! Use the templates and techniques you’ve learned to create new collections, in your own original style, season after season. This gorgeous set includes a designer’s handbook with detailed step-by-step instructions, exquisite double-sided papers and coloured tissues, press out patterns, a fabulous fold-out studio and notes on the couture origins of each look. The perfect gift for fashion lovers and budding designers.

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  • Alex Rider 9: Scorpia Rising

    In these three stories, join a lost Little Owl trying to find his way home, George the dog and his attempts to be good, and a band of adventurers sneaking up on a tropical bird. As pithy as fables and as laugh-out-loud funny as knock-knock jokes, the books in this collection will be the perfect addition to any nursery.


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  • Alex Rider 8: Crocodile Tears

    This deliciously soft bedtime snuggle book has been created from the picture book favourite, Guess How Much I Love You. The story of Big Nutbrown Hare and Little Nutbrown Hare trying to outdo each other in expressing their love, has been simplified from the original so it’s perfect for the very youngest child. Just right for cuddling up with, there’s no need to say goodbye to the beloved Nutbrown Hares even when it’s time to go to sleep! Presented in a beautiful box, it’s the perfect gift. For activities, games, newsletters and more, visit http://www.guesshowmuchiloveyou.com

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  • Alex Rider 7: Snakehead

    The bestselling novel and major film about love, loss and hope from the twice Carnegie Medal-winning Patrick Ness.
    The monster showed up just after midnight. As they do. But it isn’t the monster Conor’s been expecting. He’s been expecting the one from his nightmare, the one he’s had nearly every night since his mother started her treatments, the one with the darkness and the wind and the screaming… This monster is something different. Something ancient, something wild. And it wants the most dangerous thing of all from Conor. It wants the truth. Patrick Ness takes the final idea of the late, award-winning writer Siobhan Dowd and weaves an extraordinary and heartbreaking tale of mischief, healing and above all, the courage it takes to survive.

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  • Ark Angel

    A compelling story of a first love that defines a lifetime; perfect for fans of David Levithan, told with the intricate and beautiful writing style of bestselling author Timothee de Fombelle. Joshua Pearl is from a world that our own no longer believes in. He knows that his great love is waiting for him in that distant place, but he is trapped in our time. As his memories begin to fade, he discovers strange objects, tiny fragments of a story from a long time ago. Can Joshua remember the past and believe in his own story before his love is lost for ever?

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  • Alex Rider 4: Eagle Strike

    In the ninth book in the number one bestselling Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz, Alex is trying to get his life back on track. But Scorpia has returned, and when you’re the world’s most successful spy, the only way out is to face your enemies. Scorpia Rising will be the deadliest mission of all.

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  • Alex Rider 3: Skeleton Key

    In the eighth book in the number one bestselling Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz, Alex meets international do-gooder Desmond McCain. But a simple card game between them rapidly leads to a duel to the death – one that could result in the destruction of an entire country.

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  • Stormbreaker

    In the sixth book in the number one bestselling Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz, teenage spy Alex has a chance encounter with the son of multi-billionaire Nikolei Drevin. Soon Alex finds himself in the middle of an international crime hunt. The connection – Ark Angel, a revolutionary space hotel with catastrophic potential.

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  • The Inspector of Strange and Unexplained Deaths

    Fans of Abir Mukherjee and Sarah Waters will love this gloriously macabre romp racing through the glitzy Versailles Palace by way of the shady criminal underworld of Paris on the brink of the revolution

    Everyone has secrets. Especially the king.
    When a gruesomely mutilated body is found on the squalid streets of Paris in 1759, the Inspector of Strange and Unexplained Deaths is called to the scene. The body count soon begins to rise and the Inspector is brought even further into a web of deceit that stretches from criminals, secret orders, revolutionaries and aristocrats to very top of society.
    In the murky world of the court of King Louis XV, finding out the truth will prove to be anything but straightforward.

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  • You Don't Know Me

    Lizzie Burdett was eighteen when she vanished. Noah Carruso has never forgotten her: she was his first crush; his unrequited love. She was also his brother’s girlfriend.

    ‘Dark, compelling and truly memorable. Foster is one of my favourite writers.’ Dervla McTiernan, author of The Ruin
    ‘With richly drawn characters and a tight, deftly handled plot, You Don’t Know Me is a propulsive, dark and mysterious thriller.’ Christian White, bestselling author of The Nowhere Child
    ‘This book has it all: a gripping opening, characters I cared deeply for, a compelling mystery and heart-stopping pace. I couldn’t put it down. This is Sara Foster’s best book yet.’ Natasha Lester, bestselling author of The Paris Seamstress
    Lizzie Burdett was eighteen when she vanished. Noah Carruso has never forgotten her: she was his first crush; his unrequited love. She was also his brother’s girlfriend.

    Tom Carruso hasn’t been home in over a decade. He left soon after Lizzie disappeared, under a darkening cloud of suspicion. Now he’s coming home for the inquest into Lizzie’s death, intent on telling his side of the story for the first time.

    As the inquest looms, Noah meets Alice Pryce while on holiday in Thailand. They fall in love fast and hard, but Noah can’t bear to tell Alice his deepest fears. And Alice is equally stricken, for she carries a terrible secret of her own.

    He’s guarding a dark secret, but so is she.


    ‘A compelling, layered thriller with beautifully drawn characters.’ Sarah Bailey, author of the Gemma Woodstock series
    ‘Proves yet again that Sara Foster is a writer at the top of her game. A compelling story of secrets, lies, and heartache.’ Emma Visckic, award-winning author of And Fire Came Down and Resurrection Bay
    ‘Gripping, emotional and fast paced. Everything you could want in a suspense novel. I just loved it!’ Tess Woods, author of Beautiful, Messy Love and Love and Other Battles


    ‘A writer at the top of her game.’ Emma Viskic

    ‘… an enthralling mystery full of secrets determined to resurface … will keep readers guessing to the end.’ Jane Harper, New York Times bestseller

    ‘Effortless suspense and dramatic power.’ Sydney Morning Herald

    ‘Classic suspense but with a wonderful modern edge.’ Hannah Richell

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  • To Dare

    Veronica and her wealthy husband George are unpacking boxes, hoping a fresh start in their newly refurbished Victorian terrace will help them heal from a recent trauma.

    Sainsbury’s Magazine Book Club Choice
    ‘Tense, dark and so real as to be almost unbearable, this novel is utterly compelling.’Rosamund Lupton, international bestselling author of Sister and Three Hours

    ‘Wayne weaves a book that is at once engrossing and an exploration of what it means to be a woman, a moral person, a parent, and a neighbour.’Rowan Hisayo Buchanan, author of Starling Days and Harmless Like You

    ‘To Dare is a vivid, poignant, and compelling read; Jemma Wayne skilfully weaves her narrative threads tighter and tighter as the story moves towards its nerve-jangling conclusion. I loved it – I couldn’t put it down!’Saskia Sarginson

    ‘A five star novel by one of our best writers. I was gripped.’Louis de Berničres, author of the international bestseller Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

    ‘Dares, violent jealousies and chasms between having and not having are at the heart of this uncomfortable urban tale. Simone has found herself a new job but is biding her time to tell her angry, addicted husband Terry. Next door, Veronica has just moved into her smart new home, and from the chill of the marital bed, hears brutal body thumps against the party wall. Then Veronica runs into Sarah, her former teenage best friend, and Sarah hesitantly allows a reconnection. A power game kicks off. The collision of their lives, determined by upbringing, powers Jemma Wayne’s fierce storytelling.’Sainsbury’s Magazine Book Club

    Veronica and her wealthy husband George are unpacking boxes, hoping a fresh start in their newly refurbished Victorian terrace will help them heal from a recent trauma.

    Next door, Simone returns to her neglected council flat. Miserable and trapped, she struggles to take care of her children under the watch of her controlling husband Terry.

    When childhood friend Sarah re-enters Veronica’s life, things are thrown even further off balance. As tensions in their own lives rise, the painful memory that binds them threatens to spill into their present.

    Three lives collide in this story of family, inequality and revenge.

    ‘To Dare is a superior thriller, unflinching in its examination of class prejudice and in its portrayal of grief. Wayne writes beautifully with scarcely a word wasted. The characters are real and relatable and watching them all go through Wayne’s devious wringer is irresistibly entertaining. The final suspenseful chapters had my heart pounding as Wayne’s expertly drip-fed plot begins to congeal like spilt blood. I still can’t shake the image of the shocking conclusion from my mind.’A.S. Hatch

    ‘Jemma owes me a night’s sleep! What a transfixing book. The tension spirals out of control and you have no idea how it will end… It’s clever and well written and I can see how Jemma has been shortlisted for so many prizes.’Hilary Boyd, author of Thursdays in the Park and The Lie

    ‘To Dare is not only a skilful and intimate dissection of the power struggles that exist between female friends in any era, but also a daring exploration of our class divides, and of the most terrifying issues hidden behind closed doors… To Dare is a rare example of fiction that is equally literary and commercial.’Ophelia Field, author of The Favourite

    ‘Exquisitely written with a fine eye for detail and characterisation. A poignant portrayal of friendship and strangers who have more – and yet less – in common than first meets the eye.’Jane Corry, author of My Husband’s Wife and Blood Sisters

    ‘In an exploration of very different lives and backgrounds, To Dare is a novel with exquisitely drawn characters and multi-layered prose. Secrets weigh heavily in this beautifully written novel, and they’ll sit with you long after you finish.’Rachael Blok

    Praise for Jemma Wayne
    ‘Intriguing, moving, absorbing… a great read.’ The Times
    ‘Frank, poignant and bitter-sweet.’Edwina Currie

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  • Placeholder

    Mila is on a roadtrip in the USA with her father. They are trying to solve the mystery of his best friend’s disappearance but Mila discovers a more important truth. Sometimes the act of searching reveals more than the final discovery can. Adults do not have all the answers. It all depends what questions you ask.

    A brilliantly atmospheric exploration of someone on the brink of adulthood, from prizewinning author Meg Rosoff, author of How I Live Now, now a major film.

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