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    HOW would you dispose of a murder weapon without causing suspicion?

    WHERE would you hide a diamond where no one else would think of looking?

    WHAT if you discovered the tattoo on your back was worth a million dollars?


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  • Puffin Book of Poetry for Children: 101 Poems

    No other form of art can capture the range and diversity of human experience the way a poem can. Within these pages, you will find poems about an itch, an afternoon of play, the joys of surfing the Internet, the fear of an injection, about the cruelty of being different and being judged for it; sad poems about losing someone close; and almost anything you can think of.

    Eunice de Souza and Melanie Silgardo bring together works of poets ranging from Victor Hugo to Deepa Agarwal, Alfred Lord Tennyson to T.S. Eliot in this lively and inspiring collection.

    Here is the perfect introduction to the variety and sheer joy of poetry for readers of all ages.

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    “Displayed as found!
    In the pages of history and in the dense undergrowth of human memory, we see
    glimpses of lurking fantastic beasts. Be honest-haven’t you felt them around
    you? Haven’t you been surprised by movement in the corner of your vision? By
    stirring shadows or a faint rustling in the dark?
    The specimens in this exhibit of monsters from the Indian subcontinent have
    been hand-picked from musty old encyclopedias, murky urban legends, earthy
    folk tales and the white-hot bowels of mythology. Some have been stuffed to
    restore verisimilitude, but none were washed, painted or otherwise altered.”

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  • Like Smoke

    How often have you felt that you just can’t take it any more? Felt that nothing is worth the head ache, the heart ache? The good news – you are not alone. The bad news –
    you are not alone – for every teen carries the angst of teenagedom as a badge of honour and sometimes dishonour.
    Welcome to the battle zone of twenty young people who stand on the precipice of choices and dilemmas. Gritty, stories of courage, hope and love.
    Stories that are not only for you, but about you.

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    WHAT if you stumbled upon a boy who could talk to animals?

    WHY is a hitchhiker both a saviour and a threat?

    HOW can a man see without using his eyes?


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    CAN a machine really do the job of a writer?

    HOW would you take exact revenge on a cruel tabloid journalist?

    WHY does no one emerge from the house of an eccentric landlady?


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    The poets are straight, gay, lesbian, bi, or transgender. They live next door or across an ocean; they are innocent or experienced; their lyric explorations range from new love to stale love, obsession to ennui, ecstasy to heartbreak, and every nuance in between. Whether the romantic escapades described are touching, comical, or tragic, whether the feelings expressed are tender and sweet or brutal and biting, readers will find the love these young poets openly share to be exquisitely, excruciatingly, endlessly fascinating. Here is a collection to turn to again and again, because life and love keep on changing.

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  • Somebody Give This Heart a Pen

    Be with yourself for a moment.
    Be yourself for a moment.
    Airplane mode everything but yourself for a moment.

    From acclaimed performance poet Sophia Thakur comes a stirring collection of coming-of-age poems exploring issues of identity, difference, perseverance, relationships, fear, loss, and joy. From youth to school to family life to falling in love and falling back out againthe poems draw on the authors experience as a young mixed-race woman trying to make sense of a lonely and complicated world. With a strong narrative voice and emotional empathy, this is poetry that will resonate with all young people, whatever their background and whatever their dreams.

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  • Owlet, Not Out

    An owlet, a cricketer, a wrestler, an all-important cricket matchand everything that can go wrong is going to go wrong.Ritesh, also known as Tubby, has joined the Jai-Hind International School in Delhi along with his twin sister, Smokey. Tubby is an astonishingly gifted cricketer and is soon in the school cricketing team. That is the easy part. The difficult part is being befriended by Jyotsna, better known as Patki, the soft-hearted, big-eyed, wrestling champion who sits next to him in class. Patki is determined to be his friend, even though all Tubby wants is to glower quietly and think about and practice cricket. But soon he finds himself accompanying Patki to a nearby ancient cemetery where they befriend the mynas, parakeets and an owlet called Owlet. Then, on the day of the most important cricket match of the year, to his great dismay, Tubby finds Owlet in grave danger.What will he choose now: sports, fame and gloryor compassion, kindness and a chance to be a real friend? Ranjit Lals new novel about school, cricket and friendship is as funny as it is thought-provoking and will charm readers of all ages.

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