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    Scribble yourself feminist with this AMAZING journal, designed to empower, inspire and entertain.

    To include:
    *A series of colouring pages, featuring inspirational quotes and feminist heroes from around the world.
    *Witty comebacks for everyday sexism!
    *Design your feminist wardrobe: t-shirts, badges, sashes, power panties for you to fill in your feminist slogans and doodle on.
    *Make your own ‘Galentine’s Day’ card
    *Rewrite your favourite FEMI-CLASSICS: books and films from a feminist perspective
    *Create your own FEMINIST HALL OF FAME: draw your feminist heroes
    . . . AND MUCH MORE!

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    An LGBTQ+ journal for anyone from 13 to 103 – by writer, illustrator and utterly fabulous merman, Dom&Ink.

    Every rainbow-coloured page is packed with LGBTQ+ activities, advice and attitude. With spreads to colour, scribble, design and glitter, you’ll meet dancing drag queens, rainbow donuts and the world’s sassiest LGBTQ+ dinosaur: Brett the Sassysaurus! Read quotes from real-life rainbow icons, find out how to throw your own Pride Party, and learn about the history of gay rights. Most importantly: celebrate being yourself and what makes YOU amazing!

    Warm, hilarious, caring and insightful, Free To Be Me will fill every reader with self-esteem, confidence, colour and pride.

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    A beautiful, intricate colouring book, full of romantic, inspirational and dramatic quotes from the favourite plays and poems of William Shakespeare. An ideal choice for older children and adults, in a beautiful square format designed to fit comfortably into handbag, briefcase or schoolbag. Gloriously intricate illustrations provide a soothing occupation for the millions of fans of adult colouring books. A perfect way to celebrate Shakespeare 400.

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