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  • Join Becca, Russell, Sylvia and Pedro for lots of fun at the clubhouse and beyond in this fantastic sticker activity book. Are you ready for an adventure? Aim high, never give up, and most of all, have fun as you complete the activities to join the gang!

    With treasure hunts, who’s who puzzles, detective challenges, den building and 4 pages of stickers, there’s lots of fun to be had when you’re part of Becca’s Bunch!

    A fun and engaging sticker activity book perfect for fans of the Milkshake and Nick Jr show.

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  • Go, Thomas, Go! is a book and a toy in one!

    Young children will love wheeling their Go, Thomas, Go! book around on his sturdy wheels and then stopping to enjoy the story about the time Thomas raced around Sodor doing all sorts of important jobs for The Fat Controller. They’ll love hearing about Thomas taking wagons of wood to the Docks, beautiful blooms to the flower stall, soft straw to some newborn lambs and steaming back to the Station as soon as he could. Did Thomas manage to be Really Useful and complete all his jobs in record time? Cheer Thomas on by saying, “Go, Thomas, Go!”

    Shaped to look just like Thomas, this fun, interactive board book is perfect for even the youngest Thomas fans. Suitable for children aged ten months and over, it’s particularly appealing to curious two-to-four year olds, who love playing with trains and making choo choo noises. Toddlers will like holding their Thomas-shaped book and turning the wheels as they run it around on floors, tables, sofas, in fact anywhere and everywhere. When they’re ready for some quiet time, they’ll love turning the pages to see how Thomas got on during his busy day. With illustrations showing different areas around the Island of Sodor, it includes questions about colours and counting, so children will can really enjoy looking at the details in each scene whilst learning key concepts.

    Thomas has been teaching children lessons about life and friendship for 75 years. He ranks alongside other beloved characters such as Paddington Bear, Winnie-the-Pooh and Peter Rabbit as an essential part of our literary heritage.

    Look out for more Thomas & Friends books to share with young children including:

    Thomas & Friends: Pocket Library 9781405293006

    Thomas & Friends: Noisy Sound Book – 9781405295208

    Thomas & Friends: My Thomas Potty Book 9781405289566

    Thomas & Friends: My First Words Sticker Book – 9781405288941

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  • Bring the magical world of Equestria to life with a splash of colour and imagination.

    Get creative and discover all your favourite My Little Pony pals in this vibrant colouring book. With a mix of both simple pictures and more detailed scenes, there are pages to suit every child and ability. With over 60 pages of pony-packed illustrations to colour in and decorate, this super colouring book is sure to provide hours of fun!

    Also look out for:
    My Little Pony 1001 Stickers 9781405293488
    My Little Pony: Make Your Own Pony Sticker Book 978140529670
    My Little Pony: Friendship Journal 9781405294171
    My Little Pony Pinkie Pie’s Play Box 9781405294126
    My Little Pony: Essential Handbook: A Magical Guide for Everypony 9781405295185

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  • From cake and books to bugs and crocodiles!

    Learn wondercrump and revolting first words with Roald Dahl, in this sturdy board book with flaps – perfect for little hands to hold!

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  • A big round sun, a whirling swirling kite and . . .
    . . . sharp, pointy teeth!

    Spot the shapes with Roald Dahl, in this sturdy board book with flaps – perfect for little hands to hold!

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  • Peppa and George explore vehicles on the road, in the air and on the water in this big sticker scenes activity book. With thirteen sticker scenes for little hands to decorate with cars, diggers, trains, boats and more! This sticker book encourages creativity and storytelling, as preschoolers create their own scenes with Peppa and George.

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  • Peppa and her friends are going to playgroup, and you can join in the fun! This amazing book is packed full of stickers, activities and colouring, and is guaranteed to keep any Peppa fan busy for ages! Help Peppa colour, stick and draw her way through a lovely day with her friends. Over 50 stickers inside!

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  • Peppa, George and all their friends are celebrating Easter. Join them in this activity book packed with puzzles, stickers and Easter fun!

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  • Join Peppa and George for sticker activity fun with their magical friends! Includes over 50 stickers!

    Peppa and George love mermaids, unicorns, dragons, narwhals and sloths!

    This super fun sticker activity book is packed with magical creatures and lots of puzzles and activities that will keep Peppa fans busy.

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  • When Peppa and her friends visit Mr Potato’s theatre show, Madam Gazelle decides it’s time they put on a pantomime of their own! The invitations are sent, rehearsals are complete and the costumes are ready, but who is the special surprise guest coming to see Peppa perform?

    The story includes six envelopes containing story props like tickets, invitations, a theatre programme and much more!

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  • Jet away on holiday with Peppa and George and find out what funny adventures the Pig family gets up to abroad! This sticker book is packed with lots and lots of fun, holiday-related stickers. Perfect for keeping little Peppa fans busy.

    A sticker story book based on the hit pre-school animation, Peppa Pig, shown daily on Five’s Milkshake and Nick Jnr.

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  • A delightful new sticker activity book featuring everybody’s favourite pig, Peppa, and her friends.

    It’s time to find the hat! Peppa and George and their friends wear lots of different hats for different occasions. Choose from your super cool hat stickers and have some fun dressing your favourite Peppa Pig characters for a moon trip, a party, a bike ride or just for splashing in mud on a rainy day! Oink! Oink!

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  • Peppa loves drawing pictures of her mummy. Make your own special scrapbook about yours with help from Peppa Pig. With a free pull-out frame for a picture of your mummy and a sheet of stickers.

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  • Peppa loves drawing pictures of her daddy. Make your own special scrapbook about yours with help from Peppa Pig. With a free pull-out frame for a picture of your daddy and a sheet of stickers.

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  • Happy Families is part of Ladybird’s best-selling Baby Touch series, designed to stimulate babies’ senses from birth.
    Full of friendly animal mummies, daddies and babies, and bright, high contrast colours to engage and stimulate your baby, Happy Families is perfect for sharing together.

    Talk about the different textures you can feel and make the animal noises as you help your baby explore the touch-and-feel mummy or daddy on every page. Then find the matching baby!

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  • Peppa’s friends are playing hide-and-seek and Peppa has to find them all. Help Peppa find her friends and finish the game, and look out for lots of other things to spot.

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  • This Peppa Pig storybook has 18 fantastic sounds for little hands to press. Find out what happens when Peppa and George’s very quiet day turns very noisy indeed and press the sounds as you read along!

    Peppa Pig is a BAFTA award-winning pre-school animation, shown daily on Five’s Milkshake and Nick Jr

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  • Practise first telling the time skills with Peppa. Add the big and little hands to clock faces, learn time words such as ‘o’clock’, ‘half past’ and ‘quarter past’ and fill in the times on digital clocks. Perfect for young readers who are starting school and are learning to tell the time on both analogue faces and digital clocks. Children can wipe the page clean and practise again and again. Includes a free pen. Look out for Practise with Peppa: Wipe-Clean First Writing, too.

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  • What will Peppa and George be today? Footballers or astronauts? Ballet dancers or builders? Teachers or doctors? Play pretend with Peppa and her friends in this fun sticker scenes book and imagine all the different things they could be! With lots of big stickers for little hands.

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  • What will Peppa be today? You choose!

    A witch, a fairy, a doctor or an astronaut? Just flip the flaps and create your very own Peppa Pig adventure!

    Perfect to help little piglets use their imagination and storytelling skills, everyone will love this brand new, super exciting way to enjoy Peppa books!

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