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Class Vth of Pathways, Noida had an interactive session with Mr. Ankit Agrawal on the book ” Uncle Bikky and the Great Nature Trail of India”, authored by Mr. Rohan Chakravarty , Ms. Bijal Vachhrajani and printed by WWF India.
The interaction started with a brief overview about WWF and how it is constantly striving to make a world cohesive for the flora and fauna to exist with the Humans in harmony.
Children were then taken on a journey through Audio and Visaul by Mr. Ankit on the various amazing nature trails that exist in India, enriched with unique and fantastic animals. The children traveled from the Western Ghats to know about the  ‘Flying Dragons’ , to Ladakh for the ever elusive ‘Snow Leopard’ and then were brought back onto their own backyard apprising them of the various wild life available for them to notice.
The journey had lot’s of activities for the children, i.e. spotting the camouflaging animals, guessing the insides of a dead oakleaf butterfly, jumping like a Bengal Florican and even getting to draw the snow leopard. The interaction ended with a Pop Quiz which the children participated in with enthusiasm and zeal and many will be going back to pester their parents about the next holiday plans.
Pictures of the same below

Bookvook, is extensively working with WWF India, in promoting their new book by Rohan Chakravarty, ‘ Uncle Bikky and the Great Indian Nature Trail’.

We along with Rohan took the Nature Trail to class 4 children of Shriram School, Aravali.

Some images attached below

Bookvook recently had the privilege of conducting a small literary event at Vidya Devi Jindal School, Hisar along with a book fair.

Children were taken on a Nature Trail with Uncle Bikky, by Ankit Agrawal.

Some rediscovered history with rejuvenated and quirky facts with Ms. Archana Garodia

Also, they were in awe of the thought envoking story of sheer grit, determination and patriotism with Mr. Harinder Sikka.

Pictures of the authors and events are below.

Mr.Harinder Sikka at Pathways, Baliawash, interacting with students of Class 9 and 10.

Faith is a very heavy word, it weighs us down mostly , presumably ‘coz we never put it in the right place, ‘ Ourselves’.

The interaction revolved around how it is important to believe in ourselves , remain true to ourselves and we shall find success in every walk of life.

It was a very emotional interaction for quite a few and many eyes were welled up. Students were opening up about their experiences with Mr.Sikka and they had so much to share and understand.

Pictures of the same enclosed below.

Bookvook at Shiv Nadar, Noida, Suncity School Gurgaon and Shiv Nadar , Faridabad today 06/10/2018 conducting a book fair at three places simultaneously.

Ms. Paro Anand interacting with the students of Pathways, Aravali on her new Book ‘ The Others’. Pertinent issues that stare us in the eye today were discussed with a zeal.

Pictures and videos below of the event.



Mr. Harinder Sikka, author of the best selling book ” Calling Sehmat” was in interaction with students and parents of ” Rabindranath World School”, Gurgaon

For the first time we invited parents to attend Mr. Sikka’s interaction and it was a big success.

Pictures and video of the interaction is attached below

” The Little Rainmaker”, along with Author Roopal Kewalya was at Pathways, Baliawas today organised by Bookvook, facilitated by Penguin India.


A story set in a not so distant future where the world is without rain and a girl’s effort against time to fulfil her grandfather’s last wish.

What really would happen if the last rain we experienced becomes actually the last one?

An interaction loaded with lots of questions and scenarios, impacting our daily lives.

Videos and pictures below just give a small glimpse of the wonderful interaction.

” The Great Indian Trail with Uncle Bikky” published by WWF India, was at ShivNadar, Greater Faridabad today.


Bookvook along with WWF India, took the children of Shiv Nadar Greater Faridabad on a nature trail with Uncle Bikky and Chunmun.

Classes 3 to 6 had an interactive session with Ms. Payal Narayan and Ms. Riya, of WWF India, who through their presentation made the children glimpses of the various nature trails in India.

Lots of information and unique pictures of animal habits with amazing facts were shared with children followed by a drawing activity and ending with a quiz.

Pictures and videos below give a small glimpse of the interaction.

The start of the session, telling them a bit about the book.

The video gives a glimpse of the interaction.

Another video with questions thrown at the audience.

Enthusiastic children waiting their turn.

A child jumping in the air to show the comparison with a a human and a florican jump.

The book has so much information that it becomes rather easy as well as difficult to plan your next holiday.

To order a copy please visit our book review section.

We shall be holding more such interactions at other schools and in case you wish to invite us please do message.

Author Interaction at Airforce Golden Jubilee Institute,Subroto Park with Mr. Harinder Sikka

Another day , another school, Mr. Sikka through Sehmat is touching so many lives. Pictures of the interaction are below.

Author Interaction at Sriram Millennium,Noida with Ms. Subhadra Sen Gupta regarding her new book ‘ A Bagful of History’.

Is history boring? Not, if told by Ms. Subhadra Sen Gupta, children had a rollicking time, discussing the various eating habits, dressing habits and quirky habits in history.

We talked about the lovely stories in her new book and it all ended with a quiz.

The interaction was arranged by Bookvook and facilitated by Penguin India.

Videos and pictures of the lovely interaction are below.

Author Interaction at Army Public School, Noida with Mr. Harinder Sikka

Another successful interaction at Army Public School on 13/08/2018 with over 400 Students organised by Bookvook and facilitated by Penguin.

Video and pictures of the event are below

Author Interaction at Bal Bharti School with Mr. Harinder Sikka

Another great morning spent with students of Bal Bharti School, where Mr Sikka talked about Sehmat, and how his life completely changed when he came in contact with her. Pictures and video posted below.

Author Interaction with Ms. Aparna Jain on her book ‘Like a Girl’.

Children of Class 7 and 8 had a very interactive interaction with Ms. Aparna discussing the pariochal mentality which has entrenched itself in the scoeity.

How the current generation needs to take the step towards a better and equal future.

Some real life heartbreaking stories were narrated out of her book highlighting the hardships faced by the various personalities mentioned in the book and how they overcame it.

The interaction ended with sensitising the audience toward the subtle gender, social, racial discrimination that happen around us and how we fail to see and understand it .

The interaction was organised by Bookvook, facilitated by Westland and we look forward to doing more such workshops in schools.

Below are the pictures and a small video of the interaction.

Author Interaction with Mr. Harinder Sikka on his Book ‘ Calling Sehmat’.

Students of Pathways Bailawas had an amazing interaction with the versatile Mr. Harinder Sikka, Author of ‘Calling Sehmat’, the Book in which the movie ‘Raazi’ is based.

Mr. Sikka imparted and discussed valuable lessons on life and how to lead it, how we all should never lose faith in ourselves and only by believing in our individuality can we achieve what we are meant to achieve. How the current generation needs to come out of the clutches of vanity which is being shoved down our throats.

The interaction was arranged by Bookvook and facilitated by Penguin.

Some picture are enclosed below give you a glimpse of the interaction.

Dragonfly Festival 2018

WWF – India in association with BNHS ( Bomaby Natural History Society ) is celebrating the Delhi Dragonfly Festival from 3rd August to !st September 2018. Come and find out more about the buzzing world of dragonflies on 3rd August 2018 in WWF auditorium at 11:00 am.  More details attached below.


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