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Author Name: Simcha Whitehill

Simcha Whitehill

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  • This is an updated and extended edition of the top-selling 2015 official adventure guide: ash’s quest from Kant to kalos. It includes 32 pages of new material detailing ash’s latest adventures in the newest region, Alola. Discover how it all began! Inside this book, you’ll learn all about iconic Pokémon master Ash ketchum and his quest. Join Ash and his beloved pikachu as they travel through all known regions of the Pokémon world, meeting and battling hundreds of amazing new Pokémon.

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  • Pokemon: All About Pikachu

    Everyone loves pikachu! This cute but courageous Pokémon has been by ash’s side since the beginning. Now kids can discover the complete story of this little electric-type’s adventures. Readers will get the inside scoop on pikachu’s best battles, funniest tales and most heart-warming moments. Full-color illustrations throughout. And this unique, colorful package — featuring a cover shaped like pikachu’s smiling face — is sure to draw in Pokémon fans of all ages.

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  • Pokemon: Comic Reader #1:Battle For The Bolt Badge

    Pokemon’s black & white region is a hit! Based on the TV show, this cool comic adventure features one of ash’s biggest Pokemon battles. Announcing Scholastic’s first Pokemon comic reader! Now kids can follow all the Pokemon action, manga-style. This book is based on an exciting adventure from the Pokemon animated TV series. Some of the biggest Pokemon battles Spring to life in cool comic book frames. The text is simple and punchy, perfect for beginning readers.

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  • Pokemon Comic Reader #2: Wrath Of The Legends

    All the fun and action of pokemon-noww in a comic reader format! When team Rocket decides to capture legendary Pokemon tornadus, thunderous, and land or us, it’s up to Ash and his buddies to stop them! This legendary battle Springs to life in cool comic book panels. Based on the hit cartoon network TV series.

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